Donald Glover makes his mark

Childish Gambinos album cover for Because the Internet

Childish Gambino’s album cover for Because the Internet

When I think of an artist, I think of an individual who has mastered one craft and creates pieces through that craft. However, Donald Glover must have a different idea in mind. Glover has mastered many different crafts and is truly, a jack of all trades.

Donald Glover is from Atlanta, Georgia and is 31 years old. He has truly made his mark in this world as a television writer. In 2006, Glover began to write for the NBC show titled 30 Rock. He continued to write for that show until 2009 when he then quit to pursue other parts of his career.

One other part of his career was his acting. In 2009, almost in sync with the time frame in which he quit 30 Rock, he was cast as Troy Barnes on the hit show Community. Many people that I have talked to know him from this show. He persistently continued his work on the show all of the way until the 13th season when he had difficulty finding time to act with his busy schedule.

While he was busy acting on the set of Community, Glover was also working on his comedy. Glover’s stand-up was featured on Comedy Central for 30 minutes. It gained much praise and Comedy Central decided to give him his own one hour special. Its title is Donald Glover: Weirdo. Coming from someone who has watched it, which is myself, it is one of the funniest stand-up routines that I have ever seen. Honestly, to me, it could be better than some of the great ones, such as Dane Cook or Kevin Hart. However, Glover has not done another stand-up routine since Weirdo because he decided to continue yet another aspect of his career.

Glover is most active in the musical side of his career. Glover is a rapper and producer and his rapper name is Childish Gambino. He got the name from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator and it stuck. This may be the biggest part of his career. He is also the best at it, in my opinion.

Childish Gambino released several albums and mix tapes as a young artist. Gambino was not yet universally recognized for his rap game until the release of his album Camp. He gained a mass following with this EP (album) and his rap music took off from there. After Camp, he went on a tour and when he came back in 2013, he told his concert attendees at Penn State that he would be releasing a new album, titled Because the Internet. Because the Internet featured the songs “3005” and “Sweatpants”. These two songs easily make the album great for me. To prove it, “3005” was even certified gold by RIAA. Also, Gambino went on his Deep Web Tour after the release of Because the Internet.

While on tour, Childish Gambino created an LP and an EP back-to-back. He released STN Mountain and Kauai as a joint project that picked up where the story of Because the Internet left off. STN Mountain features some great covers of songs as well.

In an interview, Glover has told the world why he chose so many different careers instead of just focusing on one. Glover said, “I’m very impatient, so I was like, ‘I want to be able to do whatever I want now.’”

Donald Glover, or Childish Gambino, has made an impression on me through his music and the rest of his writing. Glover has made impressions on many others such as Riley James.

Riley told me, “Childish (Glover), he’s a real guy, he raps about real life. He’s not another Lil Wayne and only rap about sex, drugs, and money.”

Donald Glover is a true workaholic. He has worked hard to get where he is now and we will be seeing much more of him in the upcoming years. Whether you refer to him as Childish Gambino or Donald Glover, he is still an artist.

Take a listen to a song off of Gambino’s newest album, Kauai.