Martin Luther King Day: Just another free day off?

Do teenagers actually realize what Dr. Martin Luther King stood for?

Martin Luther King Day: Just another free day off?

On Monday, January 19 most Elder students will be snoozing away as we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. King was an African American man who let it be known globally that he would not settle for less than equal rights than whites. We celebrate his life by remembering all of the hard work and time he put in for individual’s rights. As a nation, we take a day off to honor the hero who led the civil rights movement for several years.

There is nothing very exciting about the whole month of January, a lot of snow and the depressing feeling we all get that the holidays are officially over and it is time to get back into our actual lives once again. After a couple weeks of getting back in the swing of things, we are greeted with a Monday off on January 19. This day will most likely result in sleeping, resting, and playing video games for most teens. I would be surprised if one out of every fifty kids in high school around the nation actually take a step back and thank what Doctor King actually did for our nation. Jake Meridieth, a sophomore at Elder, agrees saying, “Yeah, most people (including myself) take this day to catch up on sleep.”

Meridieth, along with many others told me how it is a nice day to relax and enjoy the day off with friends. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if anyone even forgets why they are off of school that day and just takes it how it is. I, myself, cannot say that I have always taken a step back to remember what that brave man did for our society. Doctor King did not want fame and glory, but what he did want was for blacks and whites to come together as one nation. He hoped for that his kids and the generations to come will not have to live in fear and will not have to feel what he had once felt growing up.

Junior, Brian Smedley, told me, “Martin Luther King Day is something we shouldn’t take for granted because we have to remember what he did for our nation.”

Whatever you might be doing Monday, January 19 take a step back and honor what this hero did for the United States and take the time to truly give thanks that he did what he did. It is a part of United States history and it is something our nation had to overcome. Martin Luther King Day is not just a day off of school, but instead it is a day to remember the lifetime of a legend.