What is the face of Streaming?

What is the face of Streaming?


In recent years online streaming has not only taken over the music industry, but it has also taken over the movie industry as well.

Streaming has become commonplace because of advancements from companies such as Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime.  It has become so popular that Jay Z (rapper) bought a Swedish streaming company, and made his own.

Jay Z bought the company for $56 million and named it Tidal. Tidal has very many big name artists surrounding it such as Jay Z, Beyoncé, Madonna, Kanye West, Jason Aldean, and many more. The company is pitching itself as “the first artist-owned global music and entertainment platform”, and promising to give shares to other musicians too.

Tidal unlike Spotify requires you to pay to listen to music with the service. Tidal does offer a free trial, but it costs up to 19.99$ a month for a subscription. One question asked is will Tidal even contend with Spotify and Google Play? Overall I think the answer to that is yes.

Of course the main selling point for Tidal over anything else is the quality. After using my free trial, it is needless to say that the quality is definitely a lot better than its competitors. As someone who frequently listens to music I can honestly say that I really don’t stress that much over the quality of music.

But there are many other cool things that Tidal does that a lot of its competitors do not. The main problem I see for Tidal now and in the future is the cost. I am not someone who likes to pay for my music, and this company obviously requires you to do that, and after using it I felt like there were still many other services I could use to fulfill my music needs without paying for it.

I talked to Donovan Hester who is subscribed to Spotify his opinions on the new streaming company and he told me that he didn’t really think it was anything special, and said that he has all he really needs already on Spotify.

If you’re talking about streaming movies then I think it is pretty obvious that Netflix is at the top for that. Netflix has pretty much run every store that used to let you rent movies out of business. If you didn’t remember, people used to go to a store and rent movies. The only remaining DVD rental system that doesn’t involve streaming is Red Box.

Netflix lets you watch movies and TV shows online and over electronic devices such as Xbox and PlayStation. Netflix seems to be the top used streaming company, but there are many other popular ones such as Hulu and Amazon Prime.

The main problem seen in Netflix is the quality of movies and shows. Although when you are streaming movies and shows online it offers you many great movies and shows, some are just absolutely terrible. Here is a list of the new movies and shows that have been added for the month of April.


I talked to Brad Feldhaus who has a subscription and he said, “I absolutely love it. I am currently watching Sons of Anarchy, and I love how it lets you watch multiple seasons of your favorite shows.”

Overall I am interested to see if there will be anything to compete with any of these streaming companies in future years.