Harrison stats for the Panthers

Harrison stats for the Panthers

Whenever someone thinks about Elder baseball, they associate the sport with great tradition. Twelve state titles have been won over the course of the program’s history, with at least one every decade.

With the breeding of great athletes, comes a solid record book. Some of the amazing records include Mike Nastold with a era of 0.22 in 2006, Aaron Brown with a .486 batting average,  and Billy Meier (1984) and Dan Stricker in (1998) with the most homeruns; 8.

But who keeps track of all of these stats to ensure the records are accurate? This year it lies in the hands of Alex Harrison, Elder Baseball’s stat guy for the 2015 season.

This year is Harrison’s first year with the team, and is already helping in a big way.

“I go to each came and chill in the dugout with my iPad, doing the stats,” said Harrison.

Harrison is there to make sure the stats are recorded properly and to ensure the players get the recognition. With such a great tradition, there is a lot of responsibility in his hands. With the talent the Panthers have this year, it makes it more enjoyable for Alex to stat the game.

“He’s great,” said senior catcher Sam “Cheese” Hauer. “He brings such a positive energy to the dugout.”

Harrison loves Elder, and loves being a part of the great tradition. Harrison joining the baseball program is a match made in heaven.