“None shall pass!”

Varsity goalkeeper Jake Helphinstine could reach shutout record this season.

A new name is being talked about around the PAC: “Shutout Helphinstine.” This man is known for not allowing anything passed him with reflexes as quick at a cat. Jake Helphinstine is a rising star athlete at Elder.

He used to belong to some high school called St. Bernard, where they had less than 200 people at the school. Now belonging to a bigger school, challenges are beginning to become more difficult for him.

Jake is on track to break a soccer shutout record that has been held sense 2007 by David Hurley. So I decided to go and talk to the senior goalkeeper. I was curious to hear what he had to say about hearing that he is on track to breaking the record.

He said, “It’s a good feeling; it’s going to be a difficult test to do.” Jake is at three shutouts on the season and the record is 8.5. I asked him how long it will take him for him to break the record. Jake informed me, “I hope to break it in the regular season.”  Jake’s goal for this season is to be the best goalkeeper in the city.

Jake has been on varsity for four years three at Elder and one at St. Bernard. At Elder Jake has played basketball and soccer. His family plays a big role in his life. Both his cousin uncles played soccer at Ohio State and he looks up to them as great inspirations. It’s always been a dream for him to play college soccer.

I asked his fellow teammate, senior midfielder Adam Deuber, what he thought about having Jake as is goalie. He told me, “It’s reassuring knowing he has blocked three out of three penalty kicks this year already.” Adam has been playing soccer with Jake for over three years now. They play on the same club Total Futbol Alliance.

Lukas Deutenberg is Jake’s close friend, and he also has been playing with Jake for several years. Lukas plays decent defense for Elder. The question that everybody wants to know is Jake the real deal or is it just good defense. He said “it’s all defense. Jake has it easy back there getting only soft hits at him.” Lukas added that Jake might have some average saves every once in a while.

Jake has 10 games and the playoffs left to get the job done and break the record. Can he do it? Why did he punch a post during the Fairfield game? Or should he simply quit and focus on leading the basketball Panthers to a state title? We will have to wait and see next time on The Purple Quill.