Espelage moves to new heights

Kevin Espelage named as new Elder Assistant Athletic Director

Athletic Director Dave Dabbelt and Assistant Athletic Director Kevin Espelage

Athletic Director Dave Dabbelt and Assistant Athletic Director Kevin Espelage

For the past 12 years, Kevin Espelage (’91) has been the Junior Varsity head baseball coach and a science teacher here at Elder, but this year he will add another title to his realm: Assistant Athletic Director.

Those who have had the privilege of knowing Coach Espelage recognize that he is the right man for the job. Many people here at Elder are very excited to see what the future holds for Coach Espelage, including the current Athletic Director Dave Dabbelt (’66).

“I think that he is very enthused to get started at his new position,” said Dabbelt. “I believe that he is looking to get involved in all sports and learning the proper process of the job. I can definitely see Kevin performing well as the Assistant A.D. and I see a bright future ahead for him.”

Espelage’s students and former players hold an abundant amount of respect for him because of his hilarious humor and great leadership. He has posted an outstanding record of 203-63 (96-35 in the G.C.L.) as the J.V. baseball coach. He took last year’s team to five G.C.L. wins (one win away from a G.C.L. title), which was a big step up from only two G.C.L. wins as Freshmen.

Coach Espelage talks strategy with his players on the mound

Espelage’s recipe for success is to challenge his players and push them as far as they can go, but at the same time keeping a light mood. This way has shown great results and he’s won the admiration of all of his players. I questioned Junior running back and outfielder Garren Messmore on his thoughts about Espelage’s attitude around his team.

“Coach is the kind of a guy who can keep the team relaxed and loose, but knows that there is a time and a place for everything and when to make the setting more serious,” said Messmore. “This way has been very productive for him and he’s obviously had lots of success.”

He is also known to have a side of inspiration to his personality. Last year, Coach Espelage was selected to speak at the conclusion of the sophomore retreat. His speech consisted of messages of how important community is to one another and how we can use our school motto “Altiora” for the benefit of our community. Matt Dugan weighed in on what he thought of Espelage’s speech.

“Most know him for his humor, but a lot of people forget his ability to reach out to his students,” said Dugan. “There are few people who can speak publicly at Elder as well as Coach Espelage.”\

New Elder assistant athletic director Kevin Espelage looks to the future.

To this point, Espelage has done a fine job being both a science teacher and the J.V. baseball coach, but many wonder if he can manage adding a third job in the mix.

He says that he is almost fully out of baseball so he can focus strictly on teaching and being the Assistant A.D. Espelage also says he will miss coaching but is eager to see what his new position holds.