Yearbook club helps make memories


Members of the Yearkbook Club working hard on this year’s edition

Every Thursday night, Elder’s Yearbook Club meets to compile pictures that will make up Elder’s annual yearbook, the “Elderado”.

Mrs. Hirth, the leader of the club, has been in charge of making the annual yearbook for the past eight years. Hirth was nominated to become the moderator of the year book by former member of the Admission’s Office, Maureen Reagan, after working at Elder for only a year.

Hirth and all the members of the Yearbook Club use a website, Yearbook Avenue, to insert pictures and captions on templates that they designed earlier to create the yearbook. Once the pages are submitted to Jostens, the company behind the website, it takes around a month to print out all the pages and to put together the yearbook.

The "Elderado" covers from each year dating back to 2008
The “Elderado” covers from each year dating back to 2008

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Senior Drew Seiler, who is a co-editor of this year’s “Elderado” and a four year member of the club, told us why he joined the club.

“I actually got involved in yearbook because my brother, Nick, was in it while he was at Elder and was the editor his senior year. So I started out following in his footsteps since I already knew Mrs. Hirth,” said Seiler.

“My guidance counselor said I was not involved enough at Elder and that I should join more clubs to build my resume for college. I always thought about joining yearbook and eventually contacted Jonathan Reither, who was the current editor and asked him if I could join,” said senior Brad Quatman, who has been in the club for three years now.

As a member of the yearbook club, I can say that each Thursday during the meetings, the staff has a great time while also being productive creating pages for the Elderado. I can think that almost every member of the club can agree with me.

When asked about his favorite part of being in the club, Quatman responded, “My favorite part of yearbook is being able to create my classmate’s memories that whey will remember forever and are going to show their kids 30 years down the road.”

Senior Brad Quatman killing his page
Senior Brad Quatman killing his page

“I would have to say probably being part of something that has true meaning behind it…right now all the guys think, ‘Oh, it’s just another yearbook I’ll only ever look at once.’ But, years and years down the road, at some point they’ll find it sitting in a box or on a shelf and decide to flip through the pages, reminiscing about their times here. It’s just nice knowing that I’m playing a big part as the editor in creating that.” commented Seiler.

“It has to be working with the students and all their excitement” explained Hirth.

Each and every member takes time out of their busy lives to create amazing yearbooks for every current and former student to remind them of their great memories of Elder, thanks to the members of the Yearbook Club.