Say goodbye to the gas station?


Every driver in the U.S. has the chore of filling up your gas tank every week or two, and it seems as if the need of a refill happens at the worst possible time. Although most Americans are absolutely loving the idea of driving up to the gas station and seeing the price to be hovering around two dollars a gallon, one Dallas area company is changing the way locals get their gas.

Booster Fuels’ mobile gas station, a purple truck with the ability to hold 1,200 gallons of gas, will fill up local customers’ gas tanks who have requested to be fill by using their very own mobile app. Booster Fuels don’t only fill up your gas tanks, but they also allow customers to request to have their windows washed and tires shined.

This is a great idea and I am glad that I was able to take advantage of filling up with premium gas at a really great price. This service is absolutely phenomenal, thank you!

— A Booster Fuels user

Tom Creme, a user of Booster Fuels, told CBS News about his experience, “You show up to work. You pull out your phone. You press a button. You go to work. When you come out at the end of the day, your tank’s filled up. Your tires are clean. Your windows are washed and you drive straight home, never having to stop at the gas station.”

“I am completely freed of the anxiety that comes with an empty tank. I love that I can forget about this errand altogether. The sparkling windows are an added bonus. Thank you Booster for the extra service,” said one Booster Fuels user.

A Booster Fuels fill-up is available at your fingertips
A Booster Fuels fill-up is available at your fingertips

Booster Fuels has also gotten many reviews for their app in the Apple Store showing how amazing this service really has become.

“I almost can’t believe the service as not been available till now. I can tell you one thing… I will never go to the gas station again. Amazing company, amazing app.” said one user of the service.

This outstanding company and service has taken the Dallas area by storm so don’t be surprised if copy-cat businesses start popping up throughout the country trying to help Americans remove the hassle of filling up their gas tanks every week or two.