Trump’s new campaign ad raises questions

Trump’s new campaign ad raises questions

The 2016 campaign has been an interesting one to say the least. On the Democratic side, there is an uneven battle between Hilary Clinton and the socialist Bernie Sanders, where Clinton is pulling away by a large margin. On the Republican side, there is a fight between Donald Trump and the other 10 candidates such as Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, and Jeb Bush.

However, both sides seem to have been attacking their own party. This was the case until Donald Trump’s first political ad was released. The ad starts out with President Obama standing with Hilary Clinton, then focuses onto a US battleship launching missiles out. The ad continues to strike fear by showing the images of the California terrorist attack and several shady figures moving across the Mexican-American border.

The ad is alarming to say the least. The narrator’s voice is calling for a shutdown of Muslims entering the United States, saying only until the United States can figure out what is going on. This already is an extreme idea, but for the most part, most Americans already can figure out a good idea of what is going on. TERRORISTS, NOT MUSLIMS, WANT TO KILL AMERICANS. The videos released to recruit terrorists for ISIS features American figures in the videos. It is clear what ISIS wants, they don’t like Americans in the Middle East and are against Western views. That’s his first flaw.

Donald Trump discusses his plans for the wall along the Mexican-American border.
Donald Trump discusses his plans for the wall along the Mexican-American border.

Once again, he calls for the building of a wall. And once again, he wants Mexico to pay for his wall. If someone can explain how he is going to make Mexico pay for our wall this would help the majority of people in trying to figure out if Trump has any clue of what he is even doing. Trump is certainly striking the nerves of most Americans by calling out the terrorist threats and the illegal immigration issue. However, he has not given any solution on how he plans on dealing with the issues.

What’s alarming about the ad is the way he perceives the fear of immigration of Muslims and illegal immigrants. He makes all Muslims out to be terrorists, in his ad. In some of his speeches he has corrected himself, but the ad seems to disclaim any other meaning to his intentions. What is even more alarming, is Donald Trump is currently the frontrunner in several political polls.

Elder Senior Alex Wertz wasn’t at all surprised by the Trump ad. “It was literally every dumb comment he has every said compiled into a one minute video.” Wertz said this is nothing above Trump, and it was “everything you could have expected out of him.” According to Wertz, his ad has only proved how ignorant he really is.

The majority of the ads have by the presidential candidates have been directed towards members of their own party, but Trump’s takes a stab at President Obama and Hilary Clinton, which is the first ad to do so in this race. According to an interview with Donald Trump in The Washington Post, this ad was the first of eight to be released by his campaign.

His ad is does provide valid points, but he has never given an idea of how to combat these issues. Barring Muslims from the United States does not make the country any better than the people in the Middle East who want to attack the Christians. His other main issue is there is a very small possibility to deport all the illegal immigrants in the country. There are just too many illegal immigrants for the country to kick out, and not enough law enforcement or information to do so.

Trump strikes a nerve in the American people, this is without question. However, the extent he goes to comes across as racist and bigoted. He offers no solution to “make America great again,” and only preaches about his great wall funded by Mexico and what is wrong with the country. Donald Trump has not shown what he plans to do to fix the problems in America, which makes me wonder, and many people wonder, is this man really capable of being president?