Innovation on the rise

Important inventions of the next 10 years


As 2015 comes to a close and we venture into the second half of the decade, many new inventions await that will change lives around the world.  These new ideas will not only transform products and services but the way we interact with the earth itself and the inhabitants on it.

Looking back at the past 10 years, it is evident that life can change greatly in short periods of time and progress in various fields can take great leaps.  Through research I managed to find various innovations that look to revolutionize different aspects in the years to come.

Until now, hydropower for the most part has been generated through dams and lakes but the use of ocean-driven hydropower is now emerging.  Ocean turbines are being used across various countries in attempts to harness the energy of the ocean’s currents and convert it into electricity to power the world’s growing demand.  Experts claim that these natural flowing water-ways makes hydrokinetic power more reliable than other renewable sources and although many obstacles stand in the way, we look to see more progress as time goes on.

"Ocean turbines soon to come"
“Ocean turbines soon to come”

Along with hydro-power, another invention relating to the aquatic world involves the personal submarines hitting the market.  The “DeepFlight Dragon” is priced around $1.5 million but for those who aren’t multimillionaires, you can operate the sub at a posh resort until prices are lowed in the future.  This personal submarine is relatively simple to operate and gives the user a 360 degree view of underwater depths.

Check out a video here.

Another field looking to revolutionize the public world is miniaturized medical equipment.  The medical field one that is always under constant development and miniature medical may be the newest aspect of this field.  These new tiny implants can test, diagnose, and even alert doctors to problems with their patients and could bring the possibility of replacing routine visits.  Some examples of these breakthroughs include a pen-sized device that can detect skin cancer without need of a biopsy being developed at the University of Texas.

Mini Medical Equipment
Mini Medical Equipment

Along with these new revolutionary ideas comes many more that will step outside of the norm and break boundaries that we thought were impossible.  Sun-screen pills, insect-sized spies, and the average PCs reaching capabilities of the human brain are all on the way with many more to come.  Ten years ago we never would have imagined to be where we are now and with more room to grow, I look forward to what the future holds.