The truth behind Republican gun policies

Some Republicans are more willing to stand and fight than others.

As the Republican presidential race heats up there is one issue that keeps resurfacing: the second amendment.

The second amendment of the United States constitution states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

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The Republic party, in general, is pro second amendment. Now, there are some candidates that are more pro second amendments than others. While they all claim they support the second the amendment; they are all extremely different.

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I asked Mr. Spencer, “Which Republican’s gun policy do you like the most?” He said, I know Ted Cruz is pretty much 100% for guns, but all the Republicans have to be pretty pro second amendment to get the nomination.” He has also said in the past that he likes Ted Cruz a lot in general. My personal favorite Republican gun policy is Jeb Bush’s. Jeb Bush has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association. He also signed the nation’s first “Stand Your Ground” bill. The bill would have relaxed restrictions on gun laws and enforced the second amendment.

I also asked Mr. Spencer, an NRA instructor, “What does a candidate getting an A+ rating from the NRA mean?” He said, jokingly, “Well… it means they are going to get more votes from NRA members and other pro-gun organizations.” The NRA officially states that getting an A+ rating means that the candidate not only votes with the NRA, but proactively sponsors pro-gun legislation. The two presidential candidates with A+ ratings from the NRA that are running in 2016 are Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul both have an “A” rating. Chris Christie has the worst rating of any Republican presidential candidate with a “C” rating.

I asked Mr. Spencer, ‘Have any Republican candidates made comments on guns that you find to be against the second amendment? He said, “I am sure that some of the candidates have been more willing to compromise than others, but I don’t know the specifics.” The Independent Journal did a story on Trump and Carson a few months ago on how they have not always been as pro-gun as they are now.

Around 15 years ago Trump even said that he believed we should not be allowed to have rifles or shotguns. We should only be allowed to have hand guns. Carson did not go as far as Trump, but he also was not as pro-gun as he is today.

gun control for dummies
editorial cartoon taken from the internet: Gun control for dummies

Overall, all the Republican presidential candidates are pro second amendment. They all will fight Clinton and Obama who are trying to remove an amendment and take guns out of law abiding citizens’ hands. Bush and Cruz have done everything they can to make sure we get to keep our right to own a firearm. I am sure whoever gets the Republican nomination will fight for the second amendment, however; I believe that there are certain nominees who will fight much harder than others. I hope the ones who are willing to fight harder win.