Patagonia: another Elder fad

Here at Elder High school, certain articles of clothing become very popular, and spread like wildfires.  I wrote about Vineyard Vines clothing earlier in the year, although it has never really caught on.

Anyhow, late last year and early this year, flannel shirts caught wind and were very popular.  They still are, partly because they never really went out of style.

A little later in the year, a plague of Hawaiian shirts spread.  Everyone was rushing to find these short-sleeve button up shirts laden with flowers.  No one knows why, maybe because they look so dope, but they were extremely popular and still would be if it wasn’t freezing outside.

Beginning in December, Patagonia sweaters became pretty popular.  You could probably count on seeing at least one of these bad boys in any given day, walking through the hallway.  This was the way it was until Christmas break.

Upon our return to school, I walked into homeroom on Monday morning and saw that Luke “Donny” Ruehl, had a new Patagonia sweater.  I thought nothing of it.  Fast forward to first period APUSH, where I saw Paxton Kelley.  He too, received a new Patagonia sweater.  Again I thought nothing of it.

Walking through the halls to second period, I realized how big this movement was. I walked by five students, all wearing Patagonia. Three of them were wearing the same exact color scheme.

Samurai Middendorf '16 rocks his dope Patagonia jacket
Samurai Middendorf ’16 rocks his dope Patagonia jacket

I shared this observation with Jacob Woodrow Smith.  Turns out, he got one for Christmas, but noticed the over-popularity of them.  “I might return mine, now,” he told me.

As I wrote this in English class, post-essay, I looked around and counted five of them.  Next period in Journalism: four.

I don’t know how long this will last, or what the next fad at Elder will be, but watch out.  If you wear something new, it could become popular, then slowly turn into another factor of Elder’s not-so-diverse collection of clothing.

The four Patagonia sweaters or jackets in 7th Period Journalism
Collin Scheiner ’17
The four Patagonia sweaters or jackets in 7th Period Journalism