Bengals bounce back

Can they rebound after the devastating mental breakdown in last year’s playoffs?

After what many have called the toughest way to lose a playoff game in professional sports history, the Cincinnati Bengals are looking to bounce back this season and silence the critics.

The Bengals front office had a busy off-season, losing free agents Marvin Jones and Mohammad Sanu; while acquiring a plethora of talent (Tyler Boyd, Brandon Lafell, and James Wright).

I caught up with Junior Alex Hils, and asked him a couple questions concerning this upcoming Bengals season.

“I think the Bengals will put together a solid season, go 12-4, and win a playoff game. Bengals sweep Steelers, no question,” he said.

He also told me what he thinks about Marvin Lewis: “He’s a good enough coach, but I don’t always agree with his decisions, especially on the Quarterback position. If I were coaching A.J. McCarron would be starting.”

I also caught up with Junior, Sam Kayse.

“Bengals go undefeated, 16-0,” said Kayse. “Andy Dalton can win a playoff

Dlaton vs. Jets in season opener
Dalton vs. Jets in season opener (taken from Google Images)

game, but I would rather see A.J. McCarron, cause he is a winner on and off the field.”

I asked Sam about Vontaze Burfict being suspended, “Vontaze will be missed, but we are loaded defensively, and will not struggle without him.”

ESPN analyst, Lance McAlister, gave me some insight on his view of this Cincinnati Bengals team. I asked him about Andy Dalton.

“It’s the $64,000 question about Andy. The sad thing is, he appeared perfectly positioned to answer the question and erase the doubts last year, but then unfortunately broke his thumb. He was working on an MVP season prior to the injury. However, there is no question Andy has been poor in the playoffs, but there have been extenuating circumstances to go with his resume.

I think he has continued to grow and mature.

I think he gets his next shot to answer the question, this January. ”

— Lance McAlister

I also asked Lance how he thought the offense would do without Eifert, and missing Mohammad Sanu, and Marvin Jones.

“I think it will be a challenge initially. Eifert is such a threat and match up problem and security blanket for the offense. Chemistry will be an issue for Andy and his receivers. It is different with new guys. Lafell is a veteran, but James Wright has not played in 21 months, and then there are three rookies, Tyler Boyd, Cody Core, and Alex Erickson.”

Burfict hit on Antonio Brown resulting in suspension (Taken from Google Images)

Lance also told me his opinion on the Vontaze Burfict suspension.

“Burfict sets a tone. Not always a good one. They started 8-0 and played without him for six of those weeks last season. The NFL told him to change, lets see if he can do it. In the meantime, Karlos Dansby is a veteran, and a steady force to go with the cerebral Vinny Rey, and much maligned, but big hitter, Rey Maualuga.”

With that being said, I think the Bengals will put together yet again, another solid season, and I do truly believe they can pull out a playoff win, and bring some pride back to the Jungle. Now, it is up to the players to get the job done.