Iphone 7 hype


On January 9, 2007, Steve jobs announced the release of the very first iPhone. This was the beginning of a revolution. The iPhone went on to become one of the most popular phones in the world and is defiantly the most popular phone at Elder High School.

In the past nine years the iPhone has really changed and improved its design and software. Since the first iPhone there have been six more releases since and the most recent being the iPhone 7.

The IPhone 7 was released on September 7, 2016, and has many new specs and options.

There is a lot of hype with this new iPhone, as always with new technology and especially Apple products. Everyone has to get the bigger and better product in technology. This iPhone has been out for a little longer than a month so it’s time to ask “is the iPhone 7 worth all of the hype?”

When Apple first released the phone people were not happy about the new design with no headphone jack. This means that you would have to carry around an adapter if you want to throw some fire on the aux cord. You also couldn’t listen to music the same time you charge.

Another new big feature is that the IPhone 7 is that it is water resistant. New IPhone owner Brian McGrail stated, “The first week I had my phone it got water damage and I am not happy with that but since I got my new one it has been great.”160915235332-iphone-7-water-780x439

Verizon customers are reporting “connection hell” when trying to connect to internet and take calls. People also complain about the airplane mode and say they cannot connect to anything after taking off airplane mode.

Another IPhone 7 owner Connor Sullivan said, “I have had no issue with my phone it has been great so far, I really like how fast it is.”

Since there is no headphone jack the new iPhone came with lightning connector headphones witch have reported that the connection isn’t very good and the volume control does not work. Another complaint is the new 3D touch home button. People state that it is very hard to use and touch.

There are complaints of the new iOS 10 update which isn’t just for the new iPhone 7. As with any new system or product there are going to be bugs and problems that need fixing. For example, the Galaxy note 7 has been having reports of it blowing up or catching fire.