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Guide to the 2016 Presidential election


Donald J. Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

The presidential race of 2016 is going to go down as one of the more controversial elections of all time. With all the locker room talk, and deleting of e-mails, it is hard to keep up. Many Americans are deciding to not even vote, because they do not want either candidate to win. Although, the blatant reality is: there can only be one winner, and one loser.

Here is a minor breakdown of each candidate, to help the people who are voting decide.

Donald J. Trump:

Republican Presidential Nominee

When it come to Immigration, Trump wants to restore integrity to the United States system. Also wants to enforce immigration laws on the border, and at the work place. Trump, wants to send criminal aliens (immigrants) back to where they came from. He wants to welcome those who will embrace our way of life, but wants to keep out illegal immigrants through rigorous vetting.

trump-trainTrump is a pro-life candidate, and opposes the use of government funding to pay for abortion.

He is also pro second amendment. He plans on keeping the riff raff, and gang members off the streets, and wants to empower law abiding gun owners to defend themselves.

Trump’s foreign policy is hard nosed, and straight to the point. He wants to focus on ‘Making America Safe Again,’ by destroying radical Islamic terror groups. He plans on ending the Nuclear deal with Iran. He will stand with America’s allies, and end the Obama-Clinton practice of apologizing to our enemies.

Trump’s tax plan includes: eliminating job-killing regulations and have massive tax reforms and simplification.

Trump wants to repeal, replace, and make a new, great, Health Care plan. He thinks all Americans deserve access to high quality, affordable health care, not just insurance.

His budget plan is to create high paying jobs to bring growth to America’s suffering economy. He wants to ensure that Veterans will receive top of the line medical care.

Trump’s running mate is Mike Pence.

Hillary R. Clinton:

Democratic Presidential Nominee

Hillary’s plan is to reform the path to full immigration, and continue in President Obama’s footsteps, but go even further with her action.

She is a pro-choice candidate, and wants to defend the women and help them receive safe, legal abortions. She wants to help aid Planned Parenthood with government money. She will defend Planned Parenthood against the Republican party.

Hillary wants to take action against the 33,000 gun related deaths, and increase what it takes to be able to buy a gun, and she wants to try to keep guns out of criminals, and non-law abiding citizens.

Hillary claims her top priority is to keep American’s safe. She said she wants to continue the work she has done as Secretary of State, and do her best to keep US citizens safe.clinton

She wants to tax the wealthy, while giving the middle class more relief. Also, wants to offer more support to the families who are struggling in poverty, paying for college, and other things of that sort.

Her policy on Health Care, is to defend the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) and offer healthcare to all those who need it, at an “affordable” price.

Hillary wants to raise American’s incomes, rebuild infrastructures, invest in clean energy and manufacturing, create millions of middle class jobs, and rein in college costs, and health care costs.

Her running mate is Tim Kaine.

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Libertarian Party, is running Gary Johnson.

Jill Stein is running for the Green Party.