Diz’s journey to perfection

Zach Dehner’s incredible journey in bodybuilding.

A possible future look for Diz// Photoshop by Adam Keller

A possible future look for Diz// Photoshop by Adam Keller

Throughout time man has strived for a “perfect” body. The physical culture of muscle-building has attracted followers for many years and continues to grow both scientifically and popularly.

Weight training as a general athletic activity was initially practiced as a means to gain strength and measure power in ancient Egyptian and Greek societies. These societies would primarily use stones of various sizes and weights in their quest for body transformation.

More recently bodybuilding has become more popular through various media publications, most notably Muscle and Fitness. Media across the board have seized the opportunity to capitalize on bodybuilding’s success. Pay-Per-View has broadcast the Mr. Olympia competition while programs promoting the bodybuilding lifestyle such as Cory Everson’s show on ESPN has gained momentum.

The Internet has also exploded with thousands of bodybuilding sites, many very professionally done, with worldwide followings, not to even mention the influx of amateur body building accounts on social media like Instagram.

Elder’s own Zach “Diz” Dehner is one of these men on a mission for body perfection. He has one goal: the perfect Panama body. However, this lifestyle choice means much more to the big man than some may see.

Diz stated, “I’ve always been really interested in lifting in my time here at Elder.” He even plans on majoring in college in something to do with health and fitness and pursue a career in the field.

Some may look at Diz and laugh at his dreams and goals, but if they would educate themselves on his story they might think different. Coming from someone that understands his story, I can’t knock the big man’s hustle.

Nutrition is a key component to bodybuilding, and Diz is not slacking off in that aspect either. Nutrition is what gives these athletes the raw materials for recuperation, energy, and growth. Without a good diet, the dreams of achieving an ideal body will never be reached.

Diz stated, “I even have an app to count my calories in every single meal and snack that I intake.” He even splurged and spent two dollars on the app. Diz is no doubt committed to this journey. He reflected, “I want this more than anything I’ve wanted in my entire life.”

The next question is one that I think we all are wondering. When will Diz take the step from being a natural body builder, to being a juiced up steroid user? When will he make the move that separates the amateurs from the professionals? These are questions that keep him up at night and haunt his dreams.

“I’d be lying if I would say I’ve never thought of using steroids. It seems to be an easy and quick way to get the results that all of us bodybuilders strive to obtain. After some thought, though, I realize that is not the type of person that I am,” Diz explained.

Diz is also known for his philosophical views on life and he left me with some of those parting careers when I asked what he wanted his legacy to be in the sport of bodybuilding. Diz concluded, “I just always remember that pain is temporary, but a legacy lasts forever. What we do in life echoes in eternity.”

One can throw shade, roast, flame, or make fun of Diz all they want for the path he is taking on his journey to success. However, one cannot deny the work and time the big bodied man has put into the sport.