Future Elder teachers

What current Elder students could become future teachers at our school?

Cameron Hoinke sent via snapchat
Cameron Hoinke sent via snapchat


Every boy dreams of going to Elder and a few men of Elder even dream of coming back to their alma mater. Some of our greatest teachers here started out as students. The idea of coming back to Elder post-graduation had me thinking, what current Elder students could come back and teach? Here are a few of my ideas:


Although this may not be a class in which students struggle, it still needs to be taught. I didn’t even hesitate when it came to this class. What man here at Elder embodies health, fitness, and well-being? Cameron Hoinke is the answer. Hoink enthusiastically commented, “I can make the big men gain some knowledge when it comes to the healthy lifestyle that I live and try to promote.” Hoinke went onto say that he aims to be a Mr. Arns and Mr. Bell hybrid.

Human Sexuality

A young Austin O'Brien
A young Austin O’Brien

This may no longer be a class here, but I along with other Elder seniors took it last year with the legend himself, Mr. Auer. This was another class which I didn’t even have to think about when it came to the next generation of Elder teachers. Jack Rokich would be the ultimate teacher when it comes to anything human sex. He is just very interested in the subject. Rokich stated, “I would like to pass on my knowledge that I have learned so far and continue to educate the youth on something which I am so passionate about.

AP Calculus

I’m not going to lie, I have nowhere near the brain power to take a class of this level, let alone attempt to teach it. However, a man who does is Austin O’Brien. Not many p

Sam Otten selfie sent via snapchat
Sam Otten selfie sent via snapchat

eople are blessed with brainpower like this. In the words from one of my favorite movies Good Will Hunting, “My dude’s wicked smart.” Austin says that he has thought of teaching at Elder, but the idea for working at places like NASA has him a lot more interested. Stay smart, Austin.


This class hands down goes to the government guru himself, Mr. Andrew White. The kid lives and breathes politics. There’s nothing more I could see White enjoying than instilling his conservative viewpoints to his students. All jokes aside, Andrew is one of the most well-informed people I know when it comes to politics, and whether you agree with him or not, he has good back-ups for his view points and arguments. Could White replace the irreplaceable Mr. Gergen? We will just have to wait to find out.

Tech Life Skills

This is a class that requires a ton of real life skill with your hands. Whether it is building dry-wall or cornhole boards, you have to be good with your hands and with power tools. Sam Otten is the man for this job. His current job at Home City Ice has him ready to go when it comes to working with his hands. Bottom-line, the dude is talented. Elder High School needs people like Sam Otten.

In the end, the thing that makes Elder so special is the alumni. The alumni that come back and teach here are an essential part to the success of the school. Without these great men that have taught us a lot more about life than just school subjects, we would be lost boys entering the real world. Who will the next generation of alumni teachers be?