LaRosa’s new colors

LaRosas new colors

Pizza is almost every American’s favorite Italian dish. It is arguably one of the most famous dishes, and whether you are dining in or ordering delivery, it is a delicious meal. The most famous Westside pizzeria is hands down LaRosa’s.

Most people on the Westside of Cincinnati or even the entire Cincinnati area has heard of and enjoyed the wonderful taste of LaRosa’s. Their delicious pizza and great service has been creating smiles for over 50 years.

Many may say that this Westside pizza power house must comprise the most elite Westside workers. This is now true. The Boudinot location is the original LaRosa’s location.

It is also one of the largest and happens to be my place of employment.  The workers are an elite hard working pizza force.  They have been missing some color over this past summer and the color missing is the beautiful Elder purple. The management staff has been working their pizza making butts off, trying to fill the void left by so many cooks leaving to go to college.

Many of the new employees are coming from the great Elder Nation, which makes sense since our work ethic and good looks are unmatched. This is creating, at least for me, a great new work environment.  I have seen and heard of many new Elder students joining the LaRosa’s work force.

Jimmy Dirr, the country boy senior, is one of the newest additions to the LaRosa’s family. I sat down with Jimmy over a delicious meal of LaRosa’s classic traditional pizza and asked him a few questions about his experience. Jimmy has been working at the restaurant for roughly two weeks. He had this to say about his experience so far.

“It’s good, you know,… working with your friends and knowing your co-workers makes the job more enjoyable,” he said as he attempted eat his pizza with a fork. I asked him what his favorite part of the new job was and he said the free food.

“My personality has been described as spicy, so I like a peperoni pizza with jalapenos and spicy sausage,”  said Dirr.

I have the opinion of a worker who has only seen the kitchen with the proud Panthers running the ovens, so I asked senior heart throb Collin Dugan about his experience. Collin has been working for LaRosa’s for 15 months and has seen the kitchen when it lacked the Panthers’ presence.

“Working with people you no makes the job more enjoyable and less boring because it usually sucks when you work with strangers,” said Dugan.

Some of the other new Elder employees are senior Billy Angel, junior Andrew Taylor and many more. I think I can speak for the entire Purple LaRosa’s team, when I say that we hope to see some more Purple Panthers at LaRosa’s. Striving for the higher things and serving the Westside the best pizza this town has ever seen.