The end of number 2

Animated GIF of Derek Jeter whos number will be retired this coming season by the Yankees.

Mr. Rogers

Animated GIF of Derek Jeter who’s number will be retired this coming season by the Yankees.

The Man, The Myth, the legend, Derek Jeter who was a part of the great game of baseball for 20 years and shaped the game for the better is being thanked by the most hated organization of all, the Yankees.

The number 2 will no longer be allowed to be worn by a Yankee ever again. The Yankees will retire the number on May 14, 2017 at Yankee Stadium against the Houston Astros. He will be the 22nd player in the organization to get his number retired.

He will be joining greats like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig and Joe Dimaggio among the others who have had their numbers never to be wore by anyone in pin stripes again. He will also be getting a plaque in Monument Park.

All these items honoring Jeter are for good reason considering he is the most likeable Yankee in the past years. It is hard to hate a guy who has done so much for the game of baseball and who has hustled and has respected the game as much as he has.

Not only did Derek Jeter respect the game but he also was very good at the game he was American League All-Star 14 times, American League Rookie of the year, All-star MVP, 5-time AL Silver Slugger, 5-time World series champion, and World Series MVP.  Jeter had a career batting average of .310 in his 11195 at bats he recorded.

All in all, Derek Jeter’s legacy will always be remembered in the game of baseball. To see Derek Jeter’s career stats go to: