Mayweather – Revolutionizing the game

Floyd Mayweather walks out to the ring with Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber by his side

Floyd Mayweather walks out to the ring with Lil’ Wayne and Justin Bieber by his side

Las Vegas – On Saturday, September 14th, The MGM Grand hosted the most anticipated fight of the year – Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

With rapper Lil’ Wayne and pop-singer Justin Bieber walking by his side, Mayweather took the ring.

$41.5 million (with the potential of $100 million) was the money guaranteed to Mayweather, and he earned it. Defeating Alvarez in 12 rounds via majority decision (114-114, 116-112, and 117-111).

The $10 million guaranteed to Alvarez probably helped the pain a little bit.

Mayweather moved to 45-0 as he handed Alvarez his first loss of his career, making him 42-1-1.

As with every sport, there comes controversy. C.J. Ross, a judge at the fight, is in hot water over her vote on the tie, even though Mayweather dominated throughout the fight. The initial tie wouldn’t be a big deal, but this is the second time she has voted a tie. Putting her judgment in question. She has taken a leave of absence.

From day one of his career, Mayweather has been in the boxing spotlight. Along with his 45 wins, 26 have been knockouts. He has eight world championships in five weight classes. He is the most decorated boxer in today’s time.

“He is on a level of his own,” Elder boxer John Hautz said, “Every professional fighter dreams at a chance to fight him.”

One of the most recognizable accomplishments Mayweather has brought to boxing as a whole – drug testing. In order to fight Mayweather, an opposing fighter must submit to the Olympic-style drug test given by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, rather than a urine test, the sample is taken from the blood. In 2012 alone, five boxers tested positive for steroids and other performance enhancing drugs who would have otherwise not been caught.

Outside of the ring, Mayweather is just as entertaining. He keeps his fans amused until the next fight with constant tweets and instagrams, often times responding to haters and posting pictures of cars that are more expensive then all four years of my soon-to-be college tuition. He is known for carrying around a million dollars in cash everywhere he goes.

With being the best and having a “screw everybody but yourself” attitude comes the critics. Often times slandering his name because he is cocky and throws his skills into every ones face.

“Most people should be talking about how Floyd Mayweather is a great undefeated future Hall of Famer that’s his own promoter and that works extremely hard to get to where he’s at.” Mayweather is quoted as saying about himself, “Instead, all you hear is hate and jealous remarks from critics who criticize me and, you know, most of the time, the people that criticize me can’t do what I can do.”

At 36, Mayweather continues to dominate the ring. Will he ever be dethroned?