Elder basketball star has costly injury

Dashawn Mosley is optimistic to get back onto the court after injuring his hand during practice

Dashawn Mosley

Dashawn Mosley

It was never a surprise that Elder basketball would take a hit when all of the seniors graduated last year.    The team was filled with seniors and the loss of a majority of a team is never easy for the coaches or the players.

To be a successful team this year, they knew one player specifically had to shine a little brighter than everyone out there. That one player is Dashawn Mosley. 

Dashawn is a senior leader of the squad and everyone had great expectations for him.  To Dashawn’s credit, I think it was safe to say he was living up to them.  Averaging about 18 points per game, it was safe to say that Mosley was the hero this team needed. 

But then during a practice, Dashawn injured his hand by slamming it into the padding out of frustration. 

Dashawn’s injured hand
(photo by Dashawn)

Dashawn told me that his injury is known as a boxer’s fracture in his hand.  Dashawn missed a total of four games in which his team went 2-2. 

“It is frustrating to get hurt my senior year, but I have to move on and be ready to come back 100%”, said Mosley.  He also told me that doctor Busam would determine when that 100% will be. 

It is not hard to see that Dashawn is one of, if not the strongest weapons on the Panther’s basketball squad. His absence has been noticed by the students of Elder High School.

Senior Ryan Ruehl told me that he believes the Panthers have enough weapons to win without him.  “It is tough to control your emotions and I understand that being an athlete myself,” said Ruehl.  “However, I think Elder Basketball has the grit and mental toughness to grind out some games with the strength of their offense.”

Dashawn is one of those players who is both an offensive and defensive threat to the opponent.  That is why I believe the Panthers will struggle in his absence.  I mentioned earlier that he was a leader of the squad.  I think he can still do that while on the sidelines.

Dashawn vs. LaSalle in his first game back (photo by the Cinicnnati Enquirer)


Another senior at Elder, Adam Noeth, stated that it was very unfortunate that Dashawn went down this early.  “Dashawn is a phenomenal talent and will be missed greatly.  I do think however, that the team will be able to rally and play well until his return.”  

“I am ready to get back onto the court,” said Dashawn.  I’m sure the Elder community is ready for him to return as well as Panthers will look to make a deep postseason run come February.