The passing of a loved one

The tragic and heartbreaking reality of Matthew Jacobs’ loss of his mother


Let’s face it; we all take our parents for granted.  A great quote once was said, “You spend years wishing your parents would get off your back, only to realize they’re the only ones who ever really had your back.”

For most students, we don’t know the true feeling of losing someone we love deeply.  But one senior in particular, Matthew Jacobs, knows the true feeling of what it’s like to lose that someone.

Matthew serves as a true fighter in a world that lacks mentally strong individuals.  As Matthew told me his story, it was hard not to ponder my own life and look around at all of the blessings I have.  Truly, we are a lot luckier than we make ourselves out to be.

While interviewing Jacobs, I found out how tragic his mom’s death truly was.  When asked about events leading up to her passing, he replied, “My mom died from a sudden heart attack on her way home from teaching preschool.”  Matthew continued his reflection of the heartbreaking moment, “When I heard the news that my mom didn’t make it, I couldn’t believe that something like this actually happened to me and I was completely lost and didn’t know what to do.”

One can only imagine how excruciatingly awful it would be to lose a mother.  For senior Matthew Jacobs, it is true reality.  Luckily for Matthew, he was surrounded by a strong family that helped him stay strong through the rough time.  “My family was able to cope and stay positive by spending time together and we talked about anything that bothered us,” Jacobs said.  “Losing my mother brought me very close to my dad and my two sisters and they are always there for me and I love them very much.”

Inspired, Matthew began to better himself through good deeds, hoping his mother would be proud of the son she had raised.  “After losing my mother, I always felt that I had to do things that she would be proud of me for, so I always try to be there for others and be the nicest and most helpful I can be,” commented Jacobs.  There is no doubt in my mind that Mrs. Jacobs is sitting up in heaven, as proud as she can be of her son.

Lastly, I asked Matthew what he would say to his mom if he had the chance to speak to her in person one last time.  He said, “I wish I could have told my mom how much I loved her and that she will always be in my heart.”

Losing a loved one is an experience that is indescribable.  Losing a mother, however, requires one tough soldier of God’s to stay strong.  Matthew is God’s soldier, living every day through the constant battles and hardship that comes with losing a mother.  Losing a mentor like a mother proves how strong and mature Matthew really is for such a young man.  Next time you find yourself angry or yelling at your mom, remember Matthew, and think to yourself how grateful he would be to have his mom still in his life.