Recruiting alone isn’t everything in college sports


photoshop by adviser

Clemson won the National Championship without having a top recruiting class.

Any elite high school athlete can tell you that that the recruiting process is stressful. Everyone wants to go to the school with the best facilities and most money invested in their desired sport. This is especially true in college football.

College football is it’s own economy with programs pulling in millions of dollars for their schools every year. And to pull in more money and win the most games it is believed you have to pull in the best recruits. Schools each year are fighting to have the best recruiting class. And if you find time to look at the rankings you will see that the top winning schools just continue to pull in the best recruits. These schools turn out to be Alabama, Ohio State, and Florida State.

If you look at the last five years of top recruiting classes you won’t see Clemson anywhere near the top, but some how they beat one of the top schools in terms of recruiting and most of the time the top school in the College Football National Championship. Reasons for that may be and probably are team chemistry, coaching , and most definitely weird tactics like poking opponents in the butt and belly button.

Clemson is like MLB’s Orioles they’re somehow decent every year even with a lack of money spent.

That being said it is clear that Clemson has earned their title as National Champion.