Bolt is stripped of medal

Usain Bolt is stripped of one of his gold medals after one of his teammates, Nesta Carter, fails a drug test.


Usain Bolt is arguably the fastest man in the world and is known for making history with his triple-triple of nine gold medals in the Olympics. Now he is losing one of his precious Gold medals.

Usain Bolt will be stripped of his 4×100 relay Gold medal along with his teammates from the 2008 Beijing Olympics because one of his team mates tested positive for doping.

Nesta Carter was caught doping when a re-analysis from the 2008 Beijing Olympics came back positive. The banned substance of methylhexaneamine was found in the sample that Carter provided.

Methylhexaneamine is an energy boosting ingredient and has been on the World Anti-Doping Agency prohibited stimulant list since 2004.

Carter was part of the Jamaican 4x100m in Beijing with Usain Bolt, Michael Frater, and Asafa Powell. Carter was also part of the gold medal 4×100 in the London Olympics. He also helped the Jamaican men’s relay team win at the World Champions in 2011, 2013, and 2015.

Usain Bolt (left) and Nesta Carter (right) show off their gold medals after winning the 4×100 relay race in Beijing. (photo taken from, The Advocate)

Since Jamaica was disqualified this means the Trinidad and Tobago team which originally won silver medals, will now be awarded gold medals.

This also means that Japan will receive the silver medals, and Brazil will receive the Bronze medals.

Carter was tested on the night of the 2008 Beijing finals but came back negative for any illegal substances.

Four thousand, five hundred athletes were tested at the Beijing Olympics and only nine were initially caught for using illegal substances.

When Bolt was asked how he feels about having to give one of his medals back he responded saying, “It is heartbreaking, it’s just one of those things.  Things happen in life, so when it is confirmed or whatever, if I need to give back my gold medal, I’d have to give it back, it is not a problem for me.”

I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Quatman, one of Elder’s Cross Country and Track coaches, on what he thinks about this situation.

“They should all be disqualified and stripped of their medals. You cannot have one leg of the race doping. They all deserve to lose as a team,” said Quatman.

(left-right) Asafa Powell, Nesta Carter, Usain Bolt, and Michael Frater, triumph after winning the 4×100 relay race. (photo taken from Getty images)

While in a press conference, Bolt said, “For years you have worked hard to accumulate gold medals and you work hard to be a champion, but it is one of those things.”

Even though Bolt is faultless, it will affect his as well as his teammates’ reputations, and it will definitely take away some of the flash the Jamaican running team used to have.

Quatman told me that he doesn’t believe that the loss of this medal defines Bolts career. He said that Bolt has achieved more than any other human can with his eight other Gold medals from past Olympics.

Bolt also went on to say that he is more concerned about the athlete and that he hopes Carter will get through this tough time and get the help that he needs.

“I do feel somewhat sorry for Usain Bolt but he was part of a team and if one fails then the whole team fails,” stated Quatman.