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Heinz giver employees Super Bowl Monday off From Daily Mail

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events in America every year. Everyone goes somewhere for Super Bowl to enjoy friends and family. This is why people need the day after Super Bowl to properly recover from the previous night. “Super Bowl Sunday is a party night for everyone: adults included, and it would make a lot less stress on the Monday blues,” said junior Luke Mastruserio.

Heinz, the ketchup company, has been leading the push to make “SMUNDAY” a national holiday. Heinz wants Super Bowl Monday to be national holiday for everyone. Not just for their employees. Mr. Bengel and Mr. Ramsey agree with Heinz. Mr. Bengel continued by saying, “It absolutely should be because of the fact that it normally has the highest viewership of any sporting event.”

SMUNDAY as a national holiday would improve America. It would improve the amount of work that would get done, and subsequently it would help the economy. “The issue is who does good work on Monday… You won’t have a lot of people not showing up for work or doing a bad job. It would make our economy better,” said Mr. Ramsey.

It would make our economy better.”

— Mr. Ramsey

To anyone who feels the need to argue that the Super Bowl should just be played on a Saturday, so that we have one more day before the work week, here is why that would hurt the economy from an economics teacher. “It’s kind of an unfortunate inconvenience that it is late on a Sunday, but there is a reason the NFL does not want it to be on a Saturday because they want people to watch the game. They don’t want people to watch it in bars or restaurants because they still want to keep that commercial value up, so if the commercial value has to be high, it’s got to be Sunday night, and so it would just make sense that Monday is kind of like a national holiday.”

People’s morale will also improve. People will be happier with their companies, and they will be happier in their lives. They will subsequently do better work, and they will help our economy. This is how SMUNDAY will improve all of America.

The only people that are left to convince to as why Super Bowl Monday should be a national holiday are the Government employees. Heinz has started a petition to get SMUNDAY to be a national holiday. I would like everyone who is reading this article to click here and sign it. Every vote counts. We are fighting for no less than our freedom to party and enjoy one more off day.