NBA point guard Jrue Holiday shows generosity

Holiday to donate $1K for every point and assist


Being an athlete definitely has its advantages; such as popularity, wealth and fame. Some obviously use their wealth extensively with big houses, cars, and even donate their time and money to charity. The NBA even has a program for athletes to give back called NBA cares to provide hands-on service to communities around the world.

NBA Cares programs and participants have provided more than 3.7 million hours of hands-on service (from

The most recent and unique showing of generosity among NBA athletes was shown through New Orleans Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday. The Pelicans announced that Holiday will donate $1,000 for each point and assist he records during the March 3 game against the Spurs to support those who were impacted by the tornadoes in southern Louisiana on February 7.

“This financial pledge is a unique way I thought of that can have a positive impact on some of the peoples’ lives and help them get back on their feet and assist them in getting their lives back in order,” Holiday told the NBA.

Well over 30 people had serious injuries and many homes, cars and other pieces of property were destroyed. Severe weather even reached parts of Mississippi and Alabama and put a great number of 2.7 million people at the highest risk (from The national Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma). Fortunately, no one was killed.

Tornadoes of southern Louisiana (

Holiday is in his eighth season in the NBA and has been very consistent through out his career. This season, he is averaging 16.0 points per game and 7.3 assists per game (would total to $23,000 if he were to produce his averages), but has had six games where he’s recorded at least 20 points and 10 assists.

Clearly, New Orleans is no stranger to severe weather as Hurricane Katrina came through the southeast killing almost 2,000 people, but it also proves the resiliency of the people from New Orleans.

“As long as we have people respond in the face of terror, as oppose to running away, then we are going to be alright,” says Senior Matt Dugan. “Holiday is doing his part and then some.”

Holiday’s best effort this season came in a home game against the Cavaliers in January. He put up 33 points and 10 assists in a two point win. He’s proven over and over again that he can put up All-star numbers, and there is no reason to think why he won’t go off against the Spurs for all of those impacted by the tornadoes.

One thing to look for are his assists numbers to go up, since he now has to All-Star power forwards (Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins ) to dish it to down low.

Holiday looks to find Cousins and Davis for some assists (from

“It’s cool to see one of my favorites give back to the community in such a unique way,” says Pelicans fan Mitch Otten. “I love him as a player and a person.”

Holiday is following along perfectly the theme of the NBA and the NBA cares program in giving back. As Morgan Freeman says in the movie Evan Almighty, the best way to change the world is by one random act of kindness at a time.