Sisters of Mercy shock the westside


Created by Cole Carle

As many have already heard, on the morning of March 2, the Sisters of Mercy who run both Mother of Mercy and McAuley High Schools, revealed the sudden news that the two schools would be combining in the fall of the 2018-2019 school year.

The news came to Mercy through an assembly. My sister McKenzie Carle, who is a junior at Mercy, was told that they would have a two-hour delay due to the meeting with the Sisters of Mercy. What she and others didn’t expect is the news of their school, which is held in a building over 100 years old, and the oldest Catholic school in the city, would soon be closing to combine with a GGCL rival which is six and a half miles down the road.

This is a very emotional topic for various alumni such as my grandmother, Colleen (Powell) Carle.

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I’m very shocked to hear that Mercy is closing. Mercy is a part of me, I am a 1961 graduate and I hold onto many wonderful memories past and present.

— Colleen Carle

“It was a joy to relive some of the good times when my daughter, Holly (’90) attended the school and again with my granddaughters now, McKenzie (’18), and Madison and Danielle who would have graduated in 2020. It has been such a thrill for me to see them love Mercy as much as I do. My other granddaughters (four of them) have been anxiously waiting for their turn to be a part of the “Circle of Mercy”, but it will be different now. They as well as myself are deeply saddened that such a strong tradition is coming to an end. Hopefully, Mercy McAuley High School will thrive and still remain strong in the Catholic girls education and provide a strong bond that will continue where Mercy left off.”

I personally belong to a family with rich Mercy and Elder roots. I currently have three sisters that attend Mercy with a forth thinking she will eventually attend. McKenzie does take some pride in knowing that she will be the last official class of Mother of Mercy High School, and will tell you she sees it as an honor to be the last graduating class. While my two freshman sisters, Madison and Danielle, both are upset about the change, but are also excited for the new experience that lies ahead.

The story went straight to social media, as students all over Cincinnati reacted to what happened. Channel Nine was the first to reveal the report of the merger at around eleven o’clock. Various things could have impacted why this merger is happening, but to most it seems to be the economic impact that has occurred in recent years.

There will definitely be many events in the next year to honor the final year of Mercy, and for those who are very close to the school, they will put a special impact on everything that is to come.