Ron Larkin’s mark has been left on Elder High


Ron Larkin shreds the ice

Ron Larkin is a name not only known to Elder hockey; but also, the Elder sports program as a whole. He has left a permanent mark on this school. Ron turned around the Elder hockey program. A program that struggled before his arrival. Not only was Ron a stellar athlete here at Elder but he also is a stand out student in the classroom. He has acquired all the characteristics to leave a great legacy here at Elder.

Ron processes three attributes that make him the perfect “Elder man”. He has a great personality, he is a model student and also a hockey legend.

He is a very approachable man that knows how to brighten spirits in and out of school. The kid always has a smile on his face when he walks around. If you want to spark a conversation with Ron just walk by him blaring some 38 special and he’s bound to sing along. He has made sure to live his Elder experience to the fullest. Senior Joe Brockman, was quoted saying “the thing I admire most about Ron is how humble he stays.” Larkin is just always here to have a good time. Two words can sum up Ronald Larkin: ole reliable.

His work in the classroom cannot be overlooked. Ron puts forth an immense amount of effort toward his school work. Of course he knows how to balance out his social, athletic, and academic life, he’s the Elder man. Larkin is the perfect example of a student athlete. He also makes sure to show off his leadership skills in

Ron gets interviewed

the classroom. He makes sure he’s always on top of every subject. Ron has his priorities straight when it comes to school and that’s what tacks on to the already great legacy he has.

Last but not least, the foundation of his legacy, is his play on the ice. As captain of the hockey team he was a great leader offering helpful advice to all the new guys. Before every game Ron offers inspiration to get his team ready for the game. Ron has a great head’s up ability to find the open guys and to find the open net. He accomplished many goals this season, and brought his team to new heights. He was able to break the Elder hockey points record this season, a record that no one ever thought would be broken. Ron lead his team to a record breaking season. Mike Wynn was asked about one of his greatest memories playing next to Ron and he had this to say, “When we were tied with Bishop Waterson in overtime, Ron put the game winning goal in the back of the net to lead us to their first ever State Tournament win, then we went on to beat Moeller.” Ronnie had a knack for the goal and knew how to make others around him better. Only some leaders acquire that attribute and Larkin is one of them.

His legacy is one that will never be forgotten. He has done his job as an Elder student athlete and I believe he deserves the title legend when it comes to Elder. He was able to affect the people around him by his personality and play on the ice. One of those players was Daniel McSwigan.

“Ron Larkin has an amazing ability to put the biscuit in the basket, it was great being able to play with him on the ice. He helped me to have a great senior year,” said McSwigan.

Loved by many and remembered by all, his legacy will live on way past his years at Elder.