Reds starting pitching; the good and the horrible


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The reds are going to lean on Rookie Starter Luis Castillo for years to come to lead the reds to a world series title

The Cincinnati Reds starting pitching has been downright atrocious this year. It emulates what they did last year giving up a stockpile of hits, runs and the most home runs allowed. Last year was a disaster that was completely expected. They shipped away all of the star pitchers just to get young guys in return; and it hasn’t worked out very well for them.

In 2016, the Reds set records for home runs given up in a season by starting pitchers and this year they are on pace to give up about the same number. Every baseball team gives up home runs and hits but it just seems like the Reds do at a pace that could set records every year.

Sal Romano didn’t have the season that he wanted this year. the future is looking very bright for this young stud. Photo credit to

Yet there are some positive parts to the starting pitching this year. In recent years the Reds have got better with the young homegrown talent they have.

Robert Stephenson is one of the guys that has stood out. During his first go round with the big league club, it wasn’t pretty. He started the season in the bullpen and didn’t fair very well. In about 10 appearances in the bullpen he went 0-3 with over an 8.00 earned run average. Later he was put into the starting rotation. This is where he improved. Some of his starts stood out. His most recent start against the Brewers was the best one he has had in his career. Robert went seven and two thirds innings and only allowed 2 earned runs.

The other bright spot on this year’s team is Luis Castillo. What you can take away

In years to come Amir Garrett will be a rotation stud for the reds just like when the reds had Johnny Cueto-Photo credit to

from this future star is his record it isn’t all that good, three and seven with a 3.12 earned run average. But the reason for that bad record is lack of run support. Most of the starts that Luis has made haven’t been that bad. Quite a few of the starts for him this season have been really good. Lots of 5 innings and 6 innings that may not be all that long but, when the Reds brought him up in the middle of June they stated that he is still young and upcoming. Everyone can agree that he is young and maturing, when you look at his mound presence it makes you think that he is a ten year veteran. The arsenal of pitches that he has is really good too. His fastball has reached over 97 miles per hour this year, which is one of the best fastballs in the game. Castillo’s secondary pitches are improving. Besides the blazing fastball that he throws he has two other pitches that are really good.

Looking into the future Robert Stephenson is one of the brightest young stars on the team. Photo credit to WCPO 9 news

This year’s team has been downright bad and the pitching is to blame. We have the depth that can go deep into the playoffs. The young starting pitching that this team has is so good. Guys like Sal Romano and Luis Castillo are the future of this baseball team. Luis Castillo has the ability to be the next Johnny Cueto. Sal Romano has a bright future ahead of him too. I predict in at least two years this team will be the world beaters just like the Chicago Cubs of 2016.

In 2012, everyone predicted that the Reds would win the World Series and that team ended up losing the National League Division Series in five games to the San Francisco Giants.  If the Reds don’t show improvement within the next turn, this team will find itself in this downhill spiral for many years to come.