NBA players in th NFL?

NBA players in th NFL?

Could you imagine if LeBron was a Miami Dolphin? Or Dwight Howard was a Houston Texan? Every year around Christmas, the NBA is just starting and the NFL is nearing the playoffs. As a fan, you have to wonder if your team could use one of these NBA players.

We have seen players play in the MLB and the NFL. Bo Jackson, and Deion Sanders were elite in both sports. But, we have yet to see a NFL and NBA player.

LeBron James has talked about playing in the NFL multiple times over the years. He even posted a picture on instagram of a jersey the Seattle Seahawks sent to him. It was a jersey with the number one on the back and said LeBRON on it.

“I love this sport (football) more than hoops,” James said on the sidelines of the Ohio State-Wisconsin game in the shoe.

However, LeBron is not the only one that has talked about playing in the NFL. Orlando Magic PF/C Glenn “Big Baby” Davis has said that he wants to play in the NFL after his baller days are over. I can guarantee you that these two are not the only players who have thought about making the switch from the court to the gridiron.

Would these NBA players be successful in the NFL? Obviously there would be huge risk and reward involved with each of these NBA players in the NFL. Let’s take a look at some of the risks and rewards.

Let’s start with the point guards. Derrick Rose would make a fine free safety. He has elite speed, and size.  He is a player that wouldn’t create much risk, granted he has decent ball skills. Rajon Rondo has the speed that can make him a very good corner back. He has challenged multiple NFL players to race him. Among the players he has challenged include the Titans’ Chris Johnson and the Panthers’ Ted Ginn.

Ohio State point guard Aaron Craft played QB in high school and was a top prospect. So, there are some point guards who could definitely play quarterback. They share a bunch of the same qualities. The quarterback and the point guard are usually the leaders of the team. They call the plays and deliver the plays for their teams. Point guards probably have the least risk involved. But, there are some risks, such as size. The average point guard in the NBA is six foot two. While that would be perfect size for a quarterback, it is considered too big for a cornerback. But, when you run a 4.3 40 time it doesn’t really matter.

Now, we go to the shooting guards. The shooting guards are probably not the best fit for the NFL. They are usually on the taller side, and primarily in the lineup for shooting. They are certainly not the best athletes. Unlike point guards, shooting guards won’t be able to use their athleticism to cover up all of their flaws. Some shooting guards would have a good chance to succeed in the NFL. Dwyane Wade is a physical specimen, and JR Smith is a pure athlete. But, most shooting guards are like Manu Ginobili and in the game because they can shoot. So, shooting guards probably wouldn’t succeed in the NFL.

Small Forwards definitely have the most potential. The best  athlete on every NBA team probably plays the small forward position. They would make great wide receivers, they can go up and get the ball. Try covering LeBron James, Paul Pierce, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, or even Josh Smith one on one on the outside. It is very hard to catch a football while being covered by the best corners in the world, but to play in the NBA you have to have huge hands. Usually, big hands are good in the NFL in order to catch passes (Have you ever seen Kyle Rudolph’s hands? They are huge). But, there are obviously some risks. In the NBA, there isn’t a ton of contact, so that could potentially be a problem (Paul Pierce). Then, there is always adjusting to run routes, and go across the middle. That would be a major adjustment these players would have to make.

The next position is power forward. The football position that would fit power forwards best is probably tight end. They could probably play defensive end, also. Amar’e Stoudamire could create all kinds of mismatches. Blake Griffin could be the next Jimmy Graham. But, unfortunately this is the position that carries the most risk. When somebody is over 6’6, they have a lot of injury risk. The NFL is a league where defenders are constantly going for an opponent’s knees. Blake Griffin and Amar’e can’t even stay healthy in the NBA. There is no way they would stay healthy in the NFL. Injury risk would be too much of a concern for me to take a gamble on power forward.

Then there is the center. Same goes for centers as the power forwards. Their knees just can’t handle the NFL. But, there are some exceptions. Dwight Howard has been very durable in the NBA and he has the body of a pro bowl left tackle. Glenn Davis would make a very good defensive tackle. He is only six foot seven, which is short for a center. He is a change of pace type guy in the NBA, so he has the energy to get to the ball carrier in the NFL.

At the end of the day, NBA players just can’t make it in the NFL. Injury risks would be too high, and a lot of people don’t realize how different basketball and football are. It would take a special athlete to make it in the NBA and NFL. Deion and Bo didn’t even play in the NBA.