Panthers on ice

Panthers on ice

Elder Hockey made history last year, with the first playoff win in Elder History. They defeated Watterson, in the first round of the state playoffs, 5-4. Even though winning the first round of the playoffs was a big deal, it was an even bigger deal winning the second round of the playoffs. They beat Moeller, 4-3. It was a major upset, and a big step forward, for the Elder Hockey team.

However, that was last year. This year, the hockey team is focusing on bigger, and better things. I talked to senior captain, Charlie Garnett. I asked him what the biggest struggle for this year will be. He said, “Losing Ron Larkin, and Mike Wynn. It will be very difficult to fill their positions on the ice.” This is very true. They were two of the greatest players to ever go through the Elder Hockey program.

However, we also discussed some of his personal goals as well. He said, “I want to beat the all-time goal record, and take our team to a winning record.” He said that this will be tough, but is very, very do able. Personally, I would love to see the Elder Hockey team succeed, and win this season.

I also had the privilege, of talking to the assistant to the captains, Matt Larkin. While I was talking with him, we discussed what he predicts the record will be. We also talked about how far he thinks the team will go in the playoffs.

Larkin said, “I predict that we will win 17.” When I asked him how many losses they will have, he said that he is not sure. Personally, I think that they will win more than that, and that the hopes for the season are high. Elder Hockey is on the rise and will be for a while.

Larkin also said, “Elder Hockey is on the downfall.”

However, I think that they are on the rise, and will be a hard team to beat. So, where exactly is the season going? I am not sure. I can only hope, and predict that they will be a dominant force, in the near future. They will definitely be a team to look out for this season, and who knows, maybe they will big this year, and maybe even possibly take GCL.