Decision Time

Across the country many of the nation’s top athletes will sign to play sports at the collegiate level. It is amazing how many athletes are blessed with this opportunity. Many wait until a certain date to announce which university they will be attending and continuing his or her athletic career. Many of the athletes will release videos often relating to popular culture around the times, the videos contain sometimes a little something to show the player’s personality, sense of humor, and even a few highlights to showcase their talents.

I’ve noticed that recently athletes have gone a bit overboard with their commitment videos and have planned outrageous plots simply to publically announce their final decision. If you find yourself coming across a Twitter page of a player of interest you might find a stream of tweets filled with a quarrel of emojis and usually a date to try and draw attention to the upcoming announcement of their college decision.

I’ve made my commitment video as a satirical joke to poke fun of some of the wacky abnoxious videos that I have laid eyes on. I focus on one particular athletes video, but feature just a little bit of everything in this parody commitment video.