Could he be psychic?

Mitt Romney predicting one of the biggest upsets in our history.

Mitt Romney predicting one of the biggest upsets in our history.

Recently we had one of the biggest upsets to our government since 1995. Yes, I’m talking about the most noted government Shutdown.

This problematic situation had to have been the talk of the country for at least a month, but could there have been someone who predicted this unrest?

Mitt Romney, former Republican candidate for the president in 2012, might have actually predicted this shutdown back in 2012.

During his campaign in Colorado during the month of November, Romney stated “that if the president were to be re-elected, he would still be unable to work with members of Congress.”

He also stated in his campaign speech that “He’s ignored them, he’s attacked them, and he’s blamed them. And of course the debt ceiling is going to come up again, and then there’d be a threat of shutdown or default. And that of course chills the economy, puts more people out of work.”

These words were said during his campaign last year, and surprise, surprise, no less than a year after, Obama refused to negotiate and therefore the government was shut down.

In past administrations, we’ve had shutdowns when Democratics were in control. During the years with Reagan, we had eight different government shutdowns. Also during the years with Jimmy Carter we had five government shutdowns. Does it seem like is a pattern here?

I went to talk to a student and senior Luke Groene told me he had something to say about it.

“It was bound to happen even if Mitt Romney predicted it or not, but now that it’s back it’s probably going to fail again. Hopefully not anytime soon,”  Groene said.

Although I don’t know the fine details of the government shutdown, and I could bet my hat that most Americans don’t even know it either.

In government class Mr. Gergen always tells us that if he was to go down to Fountain Square and ask regular business men and women about current events that half of them wouldn’t even know.

I bet that if I were to ask people down in Fountain Square about the fine details of the government shutdown, maybe half could give me a legitimate answer. Although it’s hard for some people to ignore the fact that everything Mitt Romney said was true, we have to accept that everything that he said would happen happened!

I personally do believe that Mitt Romney predicted the government shutdown. Like many people, I amwondering, how could Mitt Romney have predicted such a detrimental time in our government?

How could no one else I our government catch this problem before it happened?

Did they just want to let it happen?

These are all very important questions that many people want answers too.