Orange is the new blue

Mercy McAuley announces new school colors and mascot.


Everybody knows about the upcoming merger of Mother of Mercy and McAuley. There has been a lot of talk on whether or not people will enjoy this new school.  With growing anticipation for the Open House and the announcements of details, Friday December 8th was a big day for these girls.

This date, to be forever ingrained in these girls’ memories, was finally here. The students from McAuley came over to the Mother of Mercy building to take part in a joint school day. This was an opportunity for the girls to get to know one another better and to get used of being together for the years to come. However, all the girls knew what the main point of the day was: the announcing of the colors and mascot for the new school.

There was much talk surrounding what the new colors and mascot were going to be, but no one knew exactly. Some people said they were going to combine the two schools main colors together and go from there, where others said that they can see them going with a new color scheme like pink and orange. In the end, the people who decided the colors and mascot chose to change it up. From this point on, Mercy McAuley High School will now be the Wolves with the colors of orange, grey and white.

There were many reactions among both students at the schools and other people who have been following this report closely. One huge Mercy fan and follower, Nick Albers (mostly known as Chang), had a few thoughts on the new colors and mascot when we broke the news to him. “It’s a complete shame,” said Chang. “If I could choose the colors it would be blue and white and keep the mascot as the Bobcat because, you know, big Mercy guy here.”

Chang, obviously holds Mercy near and dear to his heart. He hates seeing the legendary colors and mascot going away, but it just something he will have to deal with. He did also say if a former Mercy girl would ask him to Prom next year, he would make the trip back to Cincinnati to attend. Bold move Chang, bold move.

We also got the opportunity to talk to senior Celia Feldman about the announcement of the colors and mascot and she said, “I heard pink might be a color and I was worried that would be our new school, however, orange, grey and white is what they went with. I am excited for my three younger sisters to be wolves at Mercy McAuley.”

We also got the chance to talk to a girl who will attend the new school next year, Shelby Dennis. Dennis, a very independent, powerful, young woman told us, “I firmly believe with the all wolf inside of me, that the orange, white, and grey opens hearts, opens minds, and opens endless doors. Orange is also a very confident color. It is unique in many ways and  shows accelerated growth.” We hope to see Big D spiking some balls around in those new colors.

The orange, white, and grey opens hearts, opens minds, and opens endless doors.

— Shelby Dennis

Schools merging is nothing new in the Tri-State area. There is the recent merge of Glen Este and Amelia. These two schools came together to form the new school of West Clermont. Ironically, their mascot is a wolf, too. Does this show that the wolf is just a fallback plan for all new merging schools? We caught up with Gunnar Wall and got his opinion that could be fallback mascot. “I don’t care what their mascot is because I’ll always be a Panther. Also, go Saints!”

Being engulfed in the culture of Mercy, we both have opinions on the new colors and mascots as well. We believe that the choices could have been a lot worse, yet it would have been better if it was still the big blue and the Mercy Bobcat.

As big Mercy guys or should we say, Mercy McAuley people, we will be hoping to get some new spirit wear so we can rep and promote the new school in style. However, the Mercy gear will still have a spot in our wardrobes, as we want to keep the legacy of the historic Mercy High School alive on the west side.