Lester cheating?

What is this green stuff in John Lesters glove from game one of the World Series?

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What is this green stuff in John Lester’s glove from game one of the World Series?

If you’ve been watching the World Series, you may be aware of the scandal that Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester has gotten himself into. Although it has not yet been proven, the pitcher is being accused of putting an illegal substance in his glove, then using it to get a better grip on the ball as he pitches. However, the substance that was in Lester’s glove has not been identified.

All of this breaking news came about from a plethora of tweets late last night and this morning. Many people were posting pictures, videos, and voicing their opinions on what they saw from Lester. One such image showed his glove with some kind of greenish substance on the inside of it. A little video, via BleacherReport, showed Lester going into the glove with his index and middle finger, then rubbing his hat.

Although many pitchers in the MLB use some type of tactic or substance to get a better ball on the grip, the substance Lester was been using Wednesday night looked foreign and illegal. However, Lester is now saying it was only rosin. The function of this is for pitchers to dry their hands off while on the mound. Instead of using the bag that is already at the back of the pitcher’s mound, Lester decide to put a little bag in there, in hopes he would be able to keep a rhythm going. Lester has been known to sweat a lot, so there is the reason for the rosin bag. It’s nearly impossible to get a good grip of a baseball on the mound with wet, sweaty hands.

But the question is, was Lester really sweating that much on 50-degree night? It almost doesn’t even make sense to need it as much on a cooler night.
Lester was notified of a picture posted by a Cardinals minor league pitcher, which displayed his glove and the image of some sort of substance in the glove. Lester described it as maybe being a “big booger.”
The MLB cannot draw any conclusions from the video that was captured or any of the pictures that revealed a possible foreign substance. There were no complaints from the cardinals during the game, as well as no suspiciousness caught by the umpires. Although Cardinals fans will most likely be upset with this, they need to forget about it and concentrate on holding the Red Sox to less than eight runs.

Mike Matheny, the Cardinals manager, wasn’t even too concerned about it.

“If that’s (the resin) what he claims, that’s what it is. It’s pretty much a dead issue,” Matheny said in a press conference.

Senior Clay Sohngen, a devoted Cardinals fan, was watching the game and said he noticed something suspicious going on.

“I saw the green stuff on the edge of his glove that he kept touching with the tips of his fingers of his throwing arm. This is when I became a little suspicious, thinking it may have been Vaseline or something,” Sohngen said. Vasoline is not legal for MLB pitchers to use during games.

Another thing that was noticeable was the break on some of Lester’s pitches.

“They were breaking wildly, and he was making all the guys at bat look stupid,” said Sohngen.

Lester has been known for some of crazy, breaking pitches, but the ones he was throwing tonight looked almost too good for not using an illegal substance.

The Cardinals, after going down 1-0, ended getting the Red Sox back in game two with a 4-2 victory. The Cardinals rookie right hander Michael Wacha got the win.

“I think it’ll go down to seven games. It will be neck and neck the whole time, but I think Boston will come out with the series win. They look very tough,” Sohngen added.

Boston is 41-27 all-time in the World Series. Big Papi has been incredibly clutch lately too.

“Plus game seven is in Boston so it’s tougher to win at that time there.”