Wilcots speaks before sports stag

Former Bengal and NFL broadcaster Solomon Wilcots talks to Jacob Henn and Ben Farwick of The Purple Quill.

Elder is a school based around tradition and legacy. One of the more traditional events, is the annual Sports Stag. This event brings together various alumni, ranging from all ages. Attendance at the stag is always very high, and this year was no different.

Honorary speaker at the stag this year was former NFL defensive back and current NFL broadcaster, Solomon Wilcots. The Quill had the opportunity to meet with Wilcots prior to the stag, and ask him some questions. I was kind of intimidated at first, however, Wilcots went from this larger than life guy in my eyes, to just a normal conversation.

Wilcots was very friendly, answered all my questions, and really was just easy to talk to. A really down to earth guy. He also was very considerate in answering questions, gave me the long answer, and never acted like he had any place else to be.