Opening Ceremony: Important Events

The first few days of the Winter Olympic proved to be filled with drama and political events.

Opening Ceremony: Important Events

As you know, the opening Olympic ceremony took place late last week. There were some hot scandals and heartwarming events.

To start off, there was some heavy drama in the United States team locker room. Olympic speed skater Sahni Davis skipped the opening ceremony after not being picked to carry the flag for the United Sates team.


Shani Davis is seen here practicing alone in the rink.

The team got to vote on who would get to carry out the flag at the opening ceremony. Shani Davis and Erin Hamlin tied with four votes each. The team then flipped a coin to decide who would get to carry out the flag and Davis lost.

Davis didn’t like the way they handled the tie and called the coin toss a “dishonorable” means of deciding who would carry out the flag. Davis went to Twitter about the incident and added a “#BlackHistoryMonth.” Obviously, Davis got many haters and supporters because of his tweet. Davis then privatized his twitter account. (For those in the not-know, when an account is made private people that don’t follow you cannot see your tweets.)

Davis however seems to always distance himself from his U.S. teammates. He is known to never train with the team prior to the Olympics. For example, this year he trained in Germany just before the team left for the Olympics, while the rest of the team trained in Milwaukee.

In more positive news, the entire region of Korea is unifying into one team. Even though the two countries are still technically at war, South Korea and North Korea marched out under one flag. The teams have been working hard and well together for quite some time now.

The Olympic teams may even bring the leaders of the two countries together. Kim Jung Un was invited by South Korean leader, Moon Jae-in, to meet in Pyeongchang. They will, apparently, have a discussion of peace between the two countries.

Mike Pence (middle) is seen sitting pretty close to Korean Dictator’s sister (right.)

The Olympics also allowed the Unites States and North Korea to open the door to a better relationship. Vice President Mike Pence was sitting a few seats away from Kim Jung Un’s sister. The Vice President and the “Princess” of North Korea had a brief discussion, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but in reality shows a great change in the mentality towards North Korea and the mentality towards the United States. The mere action of the VP and the “Princess” sitting together in itself shows great progress.