Track and Field Preview

Our boys on the Track and Field team look to make a historic year.

Track and Field Preview

Spring is quickly approaching. And with spring comes Track fever. Our boys on the Track and Field squad have been working hard for a very long time. Indoor track is coming to a close and the boys get to enjoy meaty, sweaty, shirtless practices outside. Hopes are high and seniors are ready for their last year representing Elder High School.

Carlos looks to make another break out season.

I talked to one of Elder Tack’s finest runners and hopefully Track team Captain, Carlos Rios. Carlos informed me that, “We are looking pretty good this year. Our senior line up is looking mighty fine,” said Rios. “I still have mixed opinions about the underclassmen (as he should), but for the upper classmen, varsity, it’s looking pretty good.”

Carlos told me some of the stand outs for this upcoming track season. For starters, Carlos told me to watch out for “Short Man” Bailey Dennis. “He is an absolute monster on the track,” said Carlos. Carlos said to also watch out for Devin Loechtenfeldt, as he is coming off a terrific indoor season.

Carlos is most excited about the return of the “MVP”, Stuart Wullenweber. Carlos, also, informed me that Eric Miller is viable threat and has been turning heads in the offseason. Carlos also claimed that Jack Hammersmith, “the best runner on the team,” is looking to finish his track career with a bang. Carlos’ favorite events are the 300 hurdles and the 4×4. He looks to dominate in both events.

I had a discussion with another Tracklete, Dave Walz. Dave is considered one of the best in the business and is looking to be a valued leader on the team. Dave seems to think that the track team will be “very strong this year. We have a bunch of good performers.” When is asked him who some of those “good performers” were he said, “Me, obviously.” This was a bold statement, but Dave is trying to prove that statement during this season.

He named others: “We got Carlos who’s quite good at hurdles, Charles Sanders who is one of the fastest kids I’ve seen. We also have sophomore standout, JV Richardson, who might be the fastest kid I’ve seen, and lastly, Bailey Dennis is short, but speedy.” Unlike Carlos, Dave seems to have faith in the underclassmen and obviously, Bailey Dennis was named dropped by both Dave and Carlos and therefore should be the guy to watch. Dave claimed his favorite event was the high jump. He likes the high jump because he doesn’t have to run that much and run out of breath.

Last I got to talk to a macho weight man, Jake Meyers. Jake seems optimistic about the upcoming season. He seems pretty confident in the Shot put and Discus rosters. “You know we got Big Luke Mostaccioli, our team captain. He’s really gonna get them PRs (personal records). He plans on beating the school record at 58 feet. He’s at 54 right now.” That’s an impressive feat. Being only four feet away from the school record is not something you see every day. Luke must have that raw, unteachable, natural talent. Jake has confidence that Luke will break the record.

He said, “It’s gonna be crazy when he breaks the record. We’re gonna support him as good teammates. You know it’s a team sport.” Jake seems to have the same attitude towards the underclassmen as Carlos. First, Jake called out junior Spencer Bono claiming that he was “trash.” He also called out Connor Keyes claiming he as well was “trash.” Lastly, he even called out fellow senior, Braedy Murphy claiming that he was “trash,” too. He ended with “everyone is really trash except for me.” Obviously, Jake is hungry, nay, starving this year. Jake looks to shatter his PR this year in Discus which stands at 160 feet. This seems decently impressive. However, Luke left Jake in the dust and shattered Jake’s dreams when he threw 180 feet. Jake has never thrown shot, but if he had, he said would throw at least 70 feet.

The Weightmen try to show off the mid-season gains.

I am pretty pumped for this upcoming track season. Our boys are confident and excited. The class of 2018 has already accomplished more than any other class in Elder history, so I think that this track season will be a grand swan song to finish the school year and our careers.