The next Conor McGregor

Sean O’Malley is destined for UFC greatness.


The UFC: The Ultimate Fighting Championship was originally started in November of 1993 but was later acquired by Dana White and the Fertitta brothers. Since then, the popularity of the business has skyrocketed and has made many men and women into millionaires.

One of the UFC’s most popular fighters, Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor, has amassed nearly $18 million in winnings and $4 million in sponsorships. Last year he fought a boxing match against the most successful boxer in history, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. However, some believe that since McGregor has made so much money, he will not fight again in the UFC. So now we must turn to the younger generation of fighters and find the next notorious one.

In my personal opinion, I believe that a young 23 year old man from Helena, Montana is the next Conor McGregor. This man’s name is ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley and he has made a very good impression on the UFC. O’Malley flows at ease just as McGregor had and he has some very brutal kicks. However, he also does not lack in any other area. His ground game is amazing and his 72” reach allows him to effectively throw punches from a distance.

At the beginning of his career, many believed that McGregor was full of himself and just ran his mouth. However, McGregor then backed up his trash talk by knocking out UFC legend Jose Aldo in a matter of seconds. He then went to stand toe to toe with Floyd Mayweather and lasted to the later rounds. O’Malley could very well do this too because of the fact that he has had one professional boxing match in which he had won.

O’Malley does not lack in skill and he has proven this inside the octagon. In his short career as an MMA fighter, he accumulated 10 wins, one being the Fight of the Night, which is a very big accomplishment in the UFC. He currently has been fighting in the Bantamweight class but has talked about moving up and earn more belts, just as McGregor had.

Many people have not heard of O’Malley until his last fight against Andre Soukhamthath which went all three rounds and the decision ended up in O’Malley’s favor. This also was the fight in which he earned the Fight of the Night award. I was lucky enough to watch this fight live on TV and I was amazed. My Dad and I both have been watching the UFC for a very long time now and we both agreed that he flowed just as McGregor did and he also has the same persona of McGregor: a showman.

A little known fact about O’Malley is that one of his good friends is D-O double G himself, Snoop Dogg. Hours after winning his UFC contract in TUF, O’Malley lit up with Snoop and celebrated. Snoop has openly promoted O’Malley and has called him one of the greatest fighters this game has ever seen. I would agree with Snoop’s assessment of him being one of the greatest fighters to come through the UFC.

I cannot wait to see what is in store for this young man and I believe that he will be very successful in the UFC and any other endeavors that he wishes to pursue. Remember, you heard it here first, ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley is the next Conor McGregor.