John Ross: Overhyped or underestimated

John Ross’ chance to prove himself,

John Ross recording a pass


John Ross recording a pass

A human faster than a speeding bullet? That may not be possible, but John Ross comes close.

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Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver John Ross is coming off a season ending injury last season. He had injured his knee during the NFL Combine, in the 40 yard dash event. In that event, he shattered the previous record of 4.24 seconds held by Chris Johnson, running a jaw-dropping 4.22. The fact he ran half of that with an injured knee is what makes me believe he could have done it faster, which is incredible.  Sadly, his rookie season came to an end after a previous shoulder injury resurfaced, causing him to miss all of the season except the first five minutes of the first game, where he was re-injured.

This up and coming season for John Ross is what critics and fans everywhere are unsure of. How will he play? Was he a bust? Just how fast can one human be? These are all the questions fans everywhere are dying to know.

There seems to be a division over what Bengals fans are thinking when it comes to John Ross. Some absolutely love him, and can’t wait to see his speed and agility come into action. And that the Bengals’ 9th overall pick in 2017 was a perfect selection, due to his tremendous speed, remaining incredibly optimistic.

“A very smart pick by the Bengals because he will draw defenders away from other core wide receivers, leaving them wide open,” said Elder High School student Reece Gramke. “If he stays healthy, I would expect close to 600 yards receiving.”

While others, have more pessimistic ideas of the 23 year-old wide receiver.

“Over-hyped, ” said NFL super fan Brandon Good.

“Good role player, but no more than 350 yards receiving. And maybe 4-5 touchdowns. Not worthy of 9th overall pick.”

— Brandon Good

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In the Bengals season opener against the Colts, they were victorious in a 34-23 showdown, and Ross recorded his first career touchdown on a fade route against Colt’s corner Quincy Wilson. However, that Colt’s corner was forced to wear a cast on his hand, leaving him one handed for the game.

“Lucky,” Good added. “Any receiver that matched up against a one-handed corner would have scored.”

While the question of how good John Ross will be might go unanswered from some time, leaving plenty of time for critics to rip on him, they cannot deny the 114 receptions, 1729 yards, and 22 touchdowns recorded by Ross at Washington. A player with those numbers in college, and with the fastest 40 yard dash of all time is sure to turn some heads.

All we can do now is wait and see, but the future for that 23 year-old wide receiver is nothing but bright.