Are the Bengals a bust or contender?

Are the Bengals a bust or contender?

The Cincinnati Bengals are a team that has been frustrating to say the least.

The team’s last playoff victory was in 199o. In that game the Bengals defeated the Houston Oilers 44-17, and the Bengals lost in the next round to Oakland.

It may surprise people to see that the Bengals were a staple in the AFC Wildcard round for five years straight. Yet in those years (2011-2015), the Bengals never won. They played the Texans twice, Chargers, Colts, and then in 2015, the infamous Steelers game.

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After that, the Bengals have missed the playoffs every year, but I am optimistic that the drought will end this year.

This team has an above average offense under Andy Dalton, but will he preform up to snuff this year? I believe so. Andy is a talented QB who relies on other talent. He has A.J. Green, hopefully will have Tyler Eifert the whole season. He also has Joe Mixon and a newly developed offensive line. So I believe that Andy is being swept under the rug. I think he can silence some haters this year.

Other players have the opportunity to shine this year. One that comes to my mind is Tyler Boyd. If AJ Green and John Ross can get open deep downfield, Tyler Boyd can find the short routes underneath. This can help methodically move the ball downfield and put away opponents.

Week one was a very exciting time for the NFL this season with many surprises. As a Bengals fan, I thought Bengals versus Colts game would, frankly, be kind of boring since they just played in preseason. It was not. Controversy and excitement filled the game. From the roughing the passer penalties, to the ejections, to Clayton Fejedelem having a great game.

I think that the victory in Indy was a sign of good things to come. The Bengals have a moderately difficult schedule this season, but I truly think that they will overcome it. I believe in this squad.

Another believer in the Bengals this year is my friend, and major football fan, Kevin Heckman. I talked to him about the Bengals and their chances of returning to the post season.

“Top of the division for sure,” said Kevin.”Since the Steelers will be dealing with the Le’Veon Bell controversy, and the Browns and Ravens just aren’t going to be there this year.”

Kevin predicts they will have an 11-5 record this season, and will make the post season.

Heckman also has bold predictions for individual players on the team. He is sure that Carl Lawson will emerge as a top defender off of the edge, in a position with a lot of talent and depth. But it is not all good for the team. Kev claims that Dre Kirkpatrick and Vontaze Burfict always disappoint in their own ways. That will not change.

It is no doubt this team has a roster that can win, but coaching has been iffy at best the past couple years. Marvin Lewis, to put it nicely, is not the best coach in the world, and most people believe he is on his way out of the door.

Kevin’s hopefully untrue projection for the next couple years sees Marvin Lewis continuing his playoff-victory-drought until the last year of his contract. On his last year, Kevin believes he will win one game playoff game, lose, then promptly retire from coaching. Mike Brown will throw money at Marvin, but he will refuse because he finally got his one win.

Hopefully Marvin kicks it up into another gear before then and we win at least one this season.