Mr. Versatility

Tebow’s not done…

Tebow playing dropping back to pass as Floridas quarterback.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images North America

Tebow playing dropping back to pass as Florida’s quarterback.

Tim Tebow is one of the most versatile human beings I have ever seen. People are straight sleeping on the man, yet he’s accomplished so much. Tebow is also a great guy and when this man dreams of doing something, he doesn’t give up until that dream is fulfilled.

To start things off with Tebow, there is his college football career at Florida University which is a school I would love to attend someday. Tebow is a strong laser throwing left handed quarterback that scrambles like a running back.

Tebow is the best college football quarter back of all time by far. It’s not Robert Griffin III, or Marcus Mariota, or Jameis Winston, or Johnny Manziel, it is Tim Tebow. It’s not even close. I mean the guy throws dimes like Joe Montana, and can scramble like Michael Vick.

His career at Florida was legendary for so many reasons. He was so fun to watch play at Florida. Tebow was a much deserved Heisman Trophy winner in 2007 and he appeared on BCS National Championship winning teams during the 2006 and 2008 season. Tebow was a college football legend and forever will be. People remember his name. Here’s one of Tebow’s glorious moments at Florida below.

Tebow and Dan Mullen enjoying the best moment of their lives, winning the ship baby!

 After his days of college football ended, Tebow was drafted into the NFL by the Denver Broncos. Tebow fulfilled his dream of playing professional football against the best in the world. The man brings 110% with everything he does.

Tebow had his sparks for the Broncos, but he was nowhere as good as he was supposed to be. I mean he showed some sparks and why he won the Heisman trophy in 2007 with some spectacular plays, but Tebow was not meant for the NFL.

It’s not the fact that he could not taking the beating every game, he just honestly was not consistent enough to be a successful starting quarterback in the NFL. If anything, Tebow brought the beating, didn’t take it.

Tebow started off in the Broncos organization and in 2012 went over to the New York Jets organization. Here, Tim gave it a year and he didn’t do too bad, having eight passing attempts and six of the eight were completions. After the year of 2012, Tebow decided he was done with that level of competitive football.

I guess you could say Tim just did not love it.

Although his best years in the NFL were for sure with the Broncos in 2010 and 2011.

Tebow still living in The Florida moments

Tim’s professional career was over, but he is not done., Everyone has forgotten about my boy Tebow. He still exists and he is making a comeback! Although it will not be in football.

After his football career ended he soon started up with baseball and had the dream of being in the MLB one day. Tebow is currently in the Mets organization being on their minor league team. Tim is actually putting up some really solid numbers.

I have faith in Tebow and believe he will make his way to the MLB and I’ll be one of the only ones. He has a lot of haters and doubters. “he’s too old”, “he was only good at Florida.” I don’t know Tim personally, but I know for a fact he looks at that shit and uses it as motivation to prove them wrong. Tebow prolyl wakes up every morning and looks in the mirror and says “I’m going to be successful today.”

Tim Tebow is a beast and I love it. His haters are his motivators to perform. Tim plays outfield for the Mets minor league team with a cannon in the outfield. He also brings a big left handed stick to the plate with his presence. I believe Tebow will make it to the MLB, and hold the record of oldest player in MLB, but If he does not he will be our president one day. Vote Tebow!

Gritty Tebow rounding the bags