The legend of Bischoff

What makes senior Zach Bischoff one of the most underrated students at Elder?

Often times in schools as big as Elder certain students aren’t recognized because they aren’t as social or outgoing as others. These students may be just as smart, athletic, or hard-working as others but do not get the recognition they deserve. Zach Bischoff is one of these students.

If you aren’t a senior or a football player you have probably never met senior Zachary Bischoff. Zach is a starting football player, a strong student, and all around stud. As of late Bischoff has also become one of Elder’s biggest “memes”. Due to his shy nature, not many people know him. People who do know the legend that is Bischoff, though, believe he is one of the most underrated students at Elder.

Family Man

When I first met “the Choff” I was intimidated by his massive pecks, as most people are. But, as I started hanging out with him I found him to be a really stand-up guy.

Max Trotta, a childhood friend of Zach, told me the main reason he believes that Zach is so esteemed among the students of Elder High School that know him is because of his demeanor.

“Choff is just an all-around good guy. I can see how you may see him as intimidating at first based on his size and facial expressions, but once you talk to him you find out that he’s just a big softy.”

“Choff’s the kind of guy you’d want to date your sister. He’s very respectful and seems like he could cuddle like a champion,” Max added.

Work Horse

Ben Dudley, who has just recently been acquainted with Bischoff, disagrees with Trotta. Ben believes that Bischoff’s most admirable quality is his work ethic.

Ben stated, “The kid’s work ethic is unmatched. Whether it be in the gym or in the classroom you can expect Choff to take charge and be a stand out performer. Just look at his pecks, those don’t come from sitting around playing Fortnite all day like I do.”

With nearly every question I asked, Bischoff’s pecks were mentioned, so that begged the obvious question. What is stronger, his pecks or his work ethic?

Dudley responded, “That’s like asking what would win, an unstoppable force or an immovable object. They are both equally as strong.”  There’s no arguing with that.

This hard work comes with proven results. This year Bischoff is a standout football player and has received first honors in every quarter of high school.

The Meme

Everyone I interviewed agreed that Bischoff’s biggest claim to fame is his appearance on fellow student Hayden Bachelor’s snapchat story. The word Bischoff has become synonymous with the phrase, “Ayo, Bischoff!” Ever since this snapchat story, Bischoff hasn’t been able to escape “meme” status.

Spencer Bono, a fellow stud, thinks that the word “meme” characterizes Zach the best.

“Sure, he works hard and he’s an alright guy and all. But being a meme is one of the highest honors you can have, especially when you are a lasting one,” Bono explained.

Bono added, “Not just anyone can be a lasting meme. It takes a character like Choff to be able to keep the meme funny.”

Regardless of whether people believe Bischoff’s best quality is his work ethic, his demeanor, or his meme status, everyone agrees he possesses these qualities and more. Next time you see Bischoff in the hallways instead of shying away you should talk to him. His heart is (almost) as big as his pecks.