What is going on in the NFL!?

The NFL’s biggest surprises and disappointments.


It’s only week four and this NFL season has been full of surprises.  Breakout players, disappointing players, good teams, and bad teams.

Andy Reid and his young quarterback Patrick Mahomes II

The Kansas City Chiefs are riding their hot quarterback Patrick Mahomes II.  Mahomes was drafted last year in the first round by the Chiefs to replace Alex Smith.  Mahomes has lit up every defense he has played.  The Chiefs are the highest scoring offense and average 36.3 points per game.  However, the Chiefs have allowed the most yards to opposing teams (1,807) and have allowed 28.8 points per game.  This team is a pure Andy Reid type of team.  Their offense is amazing and the defense is not the best but gets the job done.  Yet, every Andy Reid team tends to collapse after their bye week.  Last year they got off to a flaming start beating the Patriots in week one.  However, their season would slowly begin to collapse and it all ended in a wild card game against the Titans when they lost, 22-21.  So, yes, the Chiefs are a good team but can Andy Reid finally put everything together and win the big one?

The Ryan Fitzpatrick Cycle is scary accurate.

Another year of Fitzmagic and Fitztragic.  Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a career backup quarterback playing for teams such as Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets and now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Jameis Winston was suspended the first three games of the season due to violating league rules.   During that time Fitzpatrick took the league by storm.  He is currently number five on the total passing yards list despite being benched in week four for Jameis Winston.  Now Winston is the starter for the near future.  It seemed like we were in the part of the famous “Ryan Fitzpatrick Cycle” where he plays amazing and earns the stating job.  However, it seems like his run has came to an end but it was fun while it lasted.

Some surprise teams have been the Cincinnati Bengals (3-1), Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2-1), Houston Texans (1-3), and Miami Dolphins (3-1).

I’ll start with the Miami Dolphins.  The Dolphins are the biggest frauds in the history of the NFL.  The Dolphins will start out the year looking amazing.  Then they will play the Patriots and will then play them and give them a reality check.  Tom Brady and the Patriots put 38 points on them.  The Dolphins have a road test this week against the Cincinnati Bengals and if they can win that game they will officially turn some heads.

The biggest surprise though is probably the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Steelers have tied the Cleveland Browns and lost to both the Ravens and the Chiefs.  Their only win is against the Buccaneers which they almost blew but the comeback fell short.  The Steelers have had their fair share of controversy over this season.  Le’veon Bell has held out this whole season so far.  Bell is reportedly coming back in week seven and the Steelers need him.  James Conner has been good but he’s no Le’veon Bell.  Bell opens up the field for the wide receivers allowing play-makers like Antonio Brown and Juju Smith Schuster.

Deshaun Watson shows his disappointment with his play.

The Houston Texans were considered a team that was probably going to make the playoffs.  However, the team has disappointed many.  Deshaun Watson has not played up to his expectations this season.  Last year he took the league by storm and would have been in the Rookie of the Year conversation had he not torn his ACL.  It looks like teams have figured out the Texans.  The Texans can still turn it around but it will be hard because of the division that they are in.  The Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans are both 3-1 so far annd only the Titans look like they are beatable.

A.J. Green celebrates his game winning touchdown against the Falcons in week four.

The final surprise of the year has been the Cincinnati  Bengals.  The Bengals are not as fraudulent as the Dolphins because of the teams they played.  Their first win against the Colts was not much to brag about.  However wins against the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons were key wins in the in the season.  The loss to the Carolina Panthers was not necessarily a bad one.  The Panthers have a good overall team and can make it far in their division, the NFC South that includes teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons.  The one big knock against the team is their third down defense.  They have allowed 52% of all third down conversions.  That is terrible but they do get back their defensive captain Vontaze Burfict.  Burfict returns from a four game suspension because he violated the league rules on performance enhancing drugs.  Burfict despite his on the field issues has been a dominant player for the Bengals.  The Bengals defense will improve almost immediately when he is on the field.

The NFL season isn’t even half way done but you can usually tell who will be in the playoffs.  Knowing the NFL some teams will turn their season around and others will choke under the pressure.  Even if your team does not live up to its expectations or disappoints you yet again do not let it take away from the fun of watching the greatest sport ever, FOOTBALL!