Kavanaugh under major scrutiny

The hand-picked nominee for Supreme Court Justice is facing possible backlash after gross allegations of sexual assault.

The inevitable question that people ask is did Brett Kavanaugh disqualify himself from being on the Supreme Court. Photo credit to new republic

The inevitable question that people ask is did Brett Kavanaugh disqualify himself from being on the Supreme Court. Photo credit to new republic

If you have been following news recently you must know what has been going on with this certain person. Brett Kavanaugh is a hand-picked candidate for the Supreme Court. Allegations have risen from the abyss about an alleged assault case which happened in 1982.

Last week the hearings about Kavanaugh provided major details about what kind of person Kavanaugh really was years ago. The question that people have to ask themselves is did Brett Kavanaugh commit sexual assault? What we do know already is that he did drink during high school.

Some of the claims against Kavanaugh have been “absurd”. The only allegation that is not lied about is Christine Blasey Ford’s claim. A day before the hearings Michael Avenatti released a “declaration” by a client of his named Julie Swetnick.

She claimed that Kavanaugh was “waiting his turn” for gang rapes after facilitating them by spiking or drugging the punch at high school parties. This claim was transparently absurd, the idea of a person being gang raped on multiple occasions is ridiculous.

On Monday, the white house authorized the FBI to expand its supplemental investigation of Kavanaugh and interview anyone necessary. There is no idea on how far the FBI will delve into the questions, but it most likely not go past as far as what Mrs. Ford stated last Thursday.

Julie Swetnick is one of the accusers that has stepped forward to give her perspective on Brett Kavanaugh.

President Donald Trump said on Monday that he wants a “comprehensive” investigation and would have no problem if the bureau needed to question Brett Kavanaugh or Julie Swetnick. “The FBI should interview anybody that they want within reason, but you need to stay within reason, they should also be guided, an I’m guided by what the senators are looking for.”

The SRP made it clear that they do not expect the pending investigation to hinder them from confirming Brett Kavanaugh. Mitch McConnell, republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, said the Senate would take a week to move quickly to final confirmation by the weekend or early next week.

Chuck Schumer the democratic leader, said that the white house should make public what it has told the FBI and emphasize that it is not “the partisan republican senate staff that is directing the investigation”.

The revised white house instructions amounted to a risky bet that the F.B.I will not find anything new in the next four days that could change the public view of the allegations. Republicans have insisted on an open-ended investigation that could give unpredicted directions.

Dan Murphy who lived in the same suite as Judge Kavanaugh at Yale university said in a written statement that describes a “boorish drunk”Kavanaugh and the allegations “were simply wrong.” He also states that he had never seen Kavanaugh black out or act in an aggressive, hostile or sexual manner.

Former classmate of Kavanaugh stated his opinion on the Supreme justice candidate saying that he was usually drunk.

Chad Ludington contradicts what Murphy says, he states “I saw Kavanaugh so drunk that he could have forgotten his actions.” He does not think that loutish behavior at age 18 or 21 should condemn a person, but lying to the senate should matter.

The Kavanaugh allegations can really make or break whether he will be on the Supreme Court judiciary committee or not. People would say that he should not because of how the allegations would ruin Kavanaugh. Some would say that the allegations are utter ridiculousness.

Whether you are on the side of Kavanaugh or the side of his accusers you would have to make sure that there is sufficient evidence or not.

Further details will come out as more breakthroughs in the investigations or if more people come forward to accuse Kavanaugh. As for right now it will take three to four days to find out.