Mr. Bell is a man of greatness

“Men that do not have big heads …”

This along with many more are quotes from Mr. Bell.

You can replace it with any name and you have probably heard him say something along those lines.

I would describe Mr. Bell as classic, a man of great intelligence in multiple different areas along with his sense of humor. I got the pleasure of being in Mr. Bell’s homeroom last year along with having him for Catholic Morality and Catholic Themes in Media. A lot of laughs and great stories have been told and experienced with the time I had with Mr. Bell junior year. Never have I ever had a teacher that can make me laugh the whole period and have me still learn so much.

Mr. Bell making sarcastic remark on why we are taking pictures.

Mr. Bell has a lot of things about him that make him such a great teacher whether it’s in the classroom or homeroom or even if you just need someone to talk to.

He is a teacher that fully can understand and help you through whatever problems you may have. Understanding is another word you can use to describe him, because he gets that we as students have lives outside of school and sometimes the things students face take precedent over school work. Throughout grade school we as students have faced a lot of different teachers and a lot of different personalities. When you look at Mr. Bell you see a man that is devoted to his work and will do what he can to make sure you understand and you are learning the content of what he is teaching.

Mr. Bells helps his students; he always seems to love to talk about stuff students are actually interested in. Whether it’s with school material or things outside of school there is never a problem in trying to get to talk to Mr. Bell.

The smile that everyone loves to see.

Despite popular belief, Mr. Bell is actually a very active man. He swims at least a mile and a half every now and then and walks two hours a day. Mr. Bell also travels a lot to Brazil to see his wife. I met Mr. Bell last year and was astonished on what kind of man he was. When I met him I figured he was just another teacher that I would just try to pass his class, but when I really got to know him it seemed as if I learned a lot more about being a good person and how to live life in a way that makes everything fun and yet still take it serious.

Mr. Bell can most likely be found riding the elevator and sitting in his chair behind his desk. Mr. Bell is a man of great humor along with being able to take pranks from other students. For students that have had Mr. Bell’s class you can remember the notorious blue book tests. It is quite possible that he is the only teacher on the west side that still uses blue books.

Among all the content he teaches I think most people remember the “horizon to horizon” lesson when watching Seven Years in Tibet. I have seen Mr. Bell angry which does not happen a lot and I have seen him laughing.

Obviously seeing him laugh or make pranks makes him maybe one of the funniest teachers in the school. The best quote that sticks with everyone who Mr. Bell comes into contact with is when he says “… sorry to see you”.

By inserting anyone’s name he sees it automatically makes it unique and funny. When everyone finally gets have Mr. Bell as a teacher hopefully they see the teacher and comedian that a lot of people see as well.