Not just any old Barstool

Photo created by Tyler Macenko

Photo created by Tyler Macenko

Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports is one of the only people in sports media to take on NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell. Some might say Portnoy is obnoxiously persistent and he has been punished for it repeatedly.

Portnoy was banned from all Super Bowl events last year and the ban continued this season. Last week he was arrested and escorted out of an NFL press day after he showed up with fake credentials under another name with a fake mustache and an ‘I (heart) Goodell’ hat.

Sunday night, security at the Super Bowl passed out pictures of Portnoy to keep him out of the building, but he somehow got in. He was located and ejected from his seat by force. There is a video showing four security guards carrying him out during the halftime show (still wearing his fake mustache). This video was released by Portnoy afterward, calling out Goodell while asserting his dominance (watch until the end).

Portnoy appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday (while wearing the Roger Goodell clown face shirt that Barstool sells). Carlson recalled an article that stated when security was informed to keep him out the only reasoning was that “celebrities don’t want him there”. Carlson asked if that was grounds to keep a man out of a public place. Portnoy replied, “by the way, I think celebrities like me, so I think that was a lie to begin with. I would also say no that is not grounds because that article said ‘they are looking for terrorists, sex traffickers and DAVE PORTNOY. Those were literally the three people they said they were looking for at the Super Bowl.”

Carlson said, “Even in my wildest imagination, I never thought that Roger Goodell would be dumb enough to have you pulled out on camera in the middle of the halftime show.” Portnoy has called Goodell dumb as a rock in the past,

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but even he couldn’t believe he would be so ignorant. “I wasn’t making a scene. I paid $5,000 for my ticket…we were paying customers. I can’t believe that they actually did it. I don’t know how they found us. We were just enjoying the game, and I noticed at halftime the security started circling around me. I said you know what if they come for me, then I’m going limp. I’m gonna make them drag me out of here because I knew it would cause a scene, and guess what, Tucker? We had more social media news than the NFL themselves,” Portnoy preached.

His name was tweeted more than anyone involved in the Super Bowl: players, coaches, halftime performers, etc. and Barstool was the most mentioned media outlet by a lot. “This idiot (Roger Goodell) keeps giving us publicity. I cannot believe how dumb and thin-skinned he is. By the way Tucker, I went to the Patriots post-party after; I was invited by the Krafts and the NFL tried to kick me out of that, too. They brought me to the front and there were so many Patriots fans that they started ‘booing’,” Portnoy said. Security called someone in the NFL at this point and they said we have to let this guy stay or we will have a riot.

Roger Goodell cannot do anything to Portnoy because the common people will literally rise up against him. He is so thin skinned that at one point his wife had a fake twitter account to defend him. He makes over $40 million a year, yet he is worried about one Patriots fan enjoying the Super Bowl.

Portnoy reminds us to appreciate greatness and enjoy watching Goodell hand that trophy to the last team he wants to give it to. Keep in mind, Portnoy didn’t get to see this because he was detained and thrown out on the streets when the game ended. If you watch the replays, then you can hear the immense ‘booing’ when Goodell comes out. It is a thing of beauty. “The bad guy should always lose and in this case it’s Roger Goodell,” Portnoy said.


Back to the clown shirt. Multiple head coaches in the NFL have been seen by the media wearing this shirt because everybody hates Goodell. Portnoy claims it is a sign of rebellion. Nobody can speak out publicly or else Goodell will punish them. Not many want that punishment, but Portnoy will take it like a man. “Not a lot of people will take the punishment. I will, but this shirt now has become the sign of rebellion. He is so thin-skinned, and I am not going anywhere. It’s like a game of chicken; he doesn’t intend on going anywhere and neither do I.”

Dave Portnoy speaks for all of us in his battle against Goodell. He is the boldest man in sports media.