Getting rowdy inside


Tony Behler starting a revolution for the Elder community.

Intramural sports are taking place every day and very few students I know use the opportunity to participate in them.  I have been taking part in these sports since my freshman year.

Whether they are soccer, lacrosse or most recently flag football, I personally think that intramural sports are not only great exercise, but they help students meet a wide variety of people from different schools.

Probably one of the best things I like about intramural sports is that you NEVER have practice and you don’t even need a coach so no one has to worry about playing time or anything, you just pull people out when you want to go in.

Some of my friends have recently started playing flag football. Seniors Tony Behler, Chris Hall and Matthew Maloney are all on a team together with other kids that don’t attend Elder. Tony and his team play every Wednesday at around 7:30-8 o’clock. I went to one of their games to see what the buzz was all about because flag football seemed to be all that they had been talking about for that past week.

The rules of the game are almost the same as regular football except you don’t have any pads and you can’t tackle anyone. It seemed like a simple game until I actually saw them start playing. The thing about the game that would frustrate me the most would have to be the no tackling rule. Although people could get seriously injured if tackled improperly, it makes the game more interesting.

If all you have to do is rip a flag off someone’s waist then it seems like a pretty boring game to me. Some may say I was quick to judge the game of flag football.

Somtimes when you go to grab the flag, it doesn’t always come off as easily as you would think. Sometimes people are so quick, that you have to make sure you reach for the flag at the right time so that you don’t let the person run right past you.

If you’re considering getting involved this winter with any kind of indoor sports, I strongly suggest doing flag football. It’s at a reasonable cost for 12 games and you get to make up your own teams with your friends. Also it isn’t even that hard to register, all you have to go is register at a local indoor sporting place such as, Rivers Edge or Western Sports Mall. I strongly suggest getting involved with this sport in particular.