Difference between Fox and CNN news networks

Difference between Fox and CNN news networks

Fox and CNN news networks have a tendency of telling the same news story by putting their own little twist on it. This has caused a political division between the media and the United States government that can harm more than help our country.

The media can be portrayed as bad due to their disagreements with the opposing party. CNN tends to take sides with democratic Americans and Fox news takes the side of republicans. One story that both these networks have reacted differently to has been the story on the government shutdown. This major event has been the top talk in the media for quite some time.

Fox news

The government shutdown rattled the country greatly. This shutdown effected our country and Fox along with CNN had a lot to say about this issue. Fox news started off by posting an article in January about how the government shutdown has effected American citizens and their deep savings. Fox news analyst Tom Basile said, “Massive increases in social welfare spending, and a sharp rise in state and local taxation, have had an impact on every American’s ability to prepare for the future. Cutting wasteful government spending, and increasing efficiencies at all levels of government in order to reduce taxes, are the best ways to give Americans a fighting chance at becoming more financially stable.” Tom, who is a republican talks about cutting taxes to bring back Americans from this shutdown. Many republicans will side with him on this matter.

However, CNN had a different approach on this situation. In an article published by CNN they said, “We hope Trump learns his lesson.” This way of thinking can be controversial due to the fact that they are hoping for Trump to feel the wrath the government shutdown caused. Some disagree with this saying that it can be wishing for our government to fail. As a nation we should be with the leader no matter the circumstances. CNN also mention in an article titled, “Average tax refunds up $40 for 2019” that “Most people are seeing the benefits of the tax cut in larger paychecks throughout the year, instead of tax refunds that are the result of people overpaying the government.” They also said, “Many Americans depend on their tax refunds as a windfall they use to pay for big-ticket items like cars, appliances or vacations — a reality the Trump administration tacitly acknowledged when it committed to paying out refunds despite the recent partial government shutdown, a reversal of established IRS practice.”

The view on taxes for US citizens differs in a CNN article and a Fox news article. With agreement on this matter it can divide our country more than it already has been. CNN writes articles about raising taxes for the higher class Americans and fox news wants to lower taxes for everyone. There is no correct answer to this problem and both of these ideas have their positives and negatives.

Fox news demands that there be a tax cut to help Americans restore financially after government shutdown