Spring sports in full swing


Spring is here and at Elder that means the transition between sports. Spring at Elder has a lot of sports teams that are having a very promising season so

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far. The list of sports vary from Volleyball, Track and Field, Baseball, Lacrosse, and Tennis. With all the seasons beginning there is always one thing that is guaranteed is all teams will be striving for the higher things! I took a seat with some players from the baseball team to see how their schedule is looking for the year and if they have any big expectations for the season. Kory Klingenbeck starting catcher for the Panthers said, “Our schedule is looking tough we have a lot of good competition that includes the top teams in Tennessee. We just beat Saint X nine to four in extra innings.” I also asked Kory what his expectations for the post season are and he said, “Obviously to win GCL it should be a battle between Elder and Moeller and hopefully a really deep post season run.” Baseball is coming off a very

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good season last year and are hoping to continue their fire to keep the team thriving. The captains for the baseball team this season are Kyle Klingenbeck, Ben Burke, and Michael Newsome.

Photo taken by Junior Nick Telschers dad

For the lacrosse team this year they are off to a great start starting 5-1 with a huge win over Lebanon who knocked them out of the tournament last season. The season will be ramping up with big games against Sycamore, Moeller, and some other very good teams. “This is quite possibly one if not the best team Elder lacrosse has seen so far,” says senior Mitch Bailey. The captains for the Elder Lacrosse team this year are Freddy Mazza, Preston Winner, Jake Macenko, and Bob Luebbering.  They beat Oak Hills 13-5 and the famous C-Vanny who made the atrocious rap about the basketball team earlier in the year. The lacrosse team is hoping for a great turnout to their season as they have a lot of talent to play with teams they were not able to play with in the past years.                                                         Track and field always seem to be putting together good seasons with a lot of fantastic athletes. Some notorious names around the school participating in Track and Field are Spencer Bono who throws for the Panthers and Casey Dirr who is pole vaulting. I talked to Casey and he said he is chasing Robby Oswald’s record, but it is going to take a lot more work.

For Tennis and Track and Field who don’t seem to get a lot of praise, I strongly recommend getting out there and watching a match or a meet.

Volleyball is another team aiming for a state championship this year. Big matches for the Volleyball team will be all the GCL games especially Moeller and Saint X. I asked Spencer Bernard what games would be the best for guys to show up to so we can all support the Panthers. Spencer said,” It doesn’t matter we love the support no matter what game it is.”

I think Spencer speaks for all the teams that participate in the spring when he says anytime people support the panthers in any way it’s a great feeling. So as the famous Mr. Dabbelt would say, “Let’s get out there and support the Panthers in a positive fashion.”